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  1. Under English law, the law on which US law is based, to prove liability it is necessary to establish the following three things: 1. The person who is being sued had a duty of care towards the injured party, i.e. he or she was responsible for taking all reasonable steps to prevent injury to the injured party. In golfing terms every golfer has a duty of care to others using the golf course. 2. The person being sued breached that duty of care, i.e. they behaved in a reckless and negligent manner without care for the safety of others. For this to be proved it would be necessary to establish that the golfer didn't take reasonable care when making his shot, e.g. he may have hit a ball when the group in front we're still in range; in this circumstance injury was foreseeable and therefore the golfer would likely to be deemed to have breached his duty of care. 3. An injury or loss was suffered due to the breach in the duty of care. The fact that somebody was injured is not by itself necessarily grounds for compensation. Additionally the law does not require individuals to be infallible. A miss-hit shot is not an act of negligence; it was accidental and any injuries resulting were not foreseeable. Everybody stepping on to a golf course assumes the risk that they may be hit by a ball that is miss-hit; that's just golf and nobody should expect to compensated in such circumstances. If on the other hand somebody recklessly hits a ball without regard to other golfers on the course and somebody gets struck and injured, then I believe there are reasonable grounds to pursue a claim for compensation.
  2. What's an indoor range like? Are they popular in Canada?
  3. I like Retief, Ernie and Monty because they all have great rhythm, always look in total control and appear as if they are hardly trying.
  4. Looks like the chugster found a cure without hypnosis This guys must be good?
  5. Heavy hypnosis sessions for the old chugster followed by hitting the ball with a blindfold on. Then he'd sort out his odd pause. Shame. I've seen video of his swing "pre pause" it wasn't perfect but it was a heck of a lot better than it is now. He went to an instructor who tried to get him to pause at the top to slow down the transition. Ended up disastrously?
  6. Most of the big discounts are on "end of line" equipment? The new stuff is fairly typical of prices at stores like American Golf or Nevada Bob's? Check out www.pricebustergolf.co.uk . Great prices (at least by UK standards). I've bought quite a few things from them and the products, service and delivery have been great.
  7. When you start hitting irons you quickly learn how to set up and hit down on the golf ball to get it airborne. Trying to hit a driver using the same set up is disastrous. Your instructor will soon help you to set up properly for a driver and then things should work out better. Be patient.
  8. Remember the sweet spot on an iron isn't in the geometric centre of the clubface. It is actually on the lower part of the club face and slightly towards the heel of the club.
  9. I had a set of Nike blades that were given to me by a friend. I must be honest I wasn't too hopeful of hitting them given my high handicap. However, I found them to be quite playable. I've since replaced them with a set of Taylormade r7 irons which aren't drastically more forgiving but appear to be quite a bit longer. One thing I miss about the Nike clubs is the great clean look particularly when addressing the ball.
  10. "I guess thats why your a 19+ handicap" Why do low handicap golfers think that they are the only ones entitled to an opinion on golf?
  11. No not really. The main problem I had was occasionally hitting towards the heel of the club.
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