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  1. Expected injury. with those swing mechanics and impact position its a train wreck to happen.
  2. Yea he shot 59 a few times in competitions also and holds a number of course records. None was better, not Hogan nor anyone else Nicklaus or Eldrick not even close. if you want to be ignorant go ahead but all the angels knows Moe knew the secret. Moe was the best everyone else played for second. He was and is unmatched as a ballstriker. at older age he retain the accuracy but not the distance and was plenty long in his younger days.
  3. He could hit any shot shape he wanted. He was the best ballstriker in the game.
  4. Few days old changing his mechanics is being done from that video and in progress. None of you hit it longer than him, none. Changes started to be implemented. Most changes already done hip and muscle activity needs time to adjust to the change to due to some restovers from old modern mechanics. Some sweet swing motion there simple and direct without complications or risk for injury. Gonna go get some superb coffee now and sip it slowly while admiring my coaching and swing work on this guy.
  5. Normally I dont respond to threads where people simply put isnt good enough to even debate the definitions within the logic set of in this case a golf swing. Personally I find it tiresome and I value my time and energy so I seldom spend time on golf forums as I am busy working on definitions. I am self taught so that means I dont pass any credential you would agree upon would be needed since if your teaching a tour professional you undoubtly need some qualification. Right? I can make you hit it longer I added 50 yards once to a tour pro level player witin 5 minutes and 30 yard
  6. A modern swing has its limits as well as an Austin swing. What many modern swing systems have done is to add excessive cordination with timing. Injury happens due to the player wants to hit it longer but cant due to the system itself wont allow longer without going outside their limitations. If the player reside inside the golf systems limitations then they be fine. When someone would say that having athletic ability would be worse to have when swinging a golf club is pure lies spread in the golf community. The more athletic a swing is that helps with timing and action
  7. Brandel is correct. 4+ years and this generations best player cant do what Sean Foley teaches consistently. clueless is what comes to mind for me.
  8. If all stands equal, their skill level isnt good enough. The variance of a top 100 golfer on the LPGA vs a top 100 PGA is huge in difference. all stats shows the same thing only like top 30 on the lpga is close to another where the PGA the seperation happens after top 100. its why a lady (Anikka) could dominate the LPGA tour but a PGA player cant. If your not pushed to be better then you wont. the US girls is now feeling the pressure of the asian invasion, Lydia Ko will dominate the tour unless leadbetter curse aka fix her swing happens for a decade or more. Yani Tseng
  9. Its Jack and Eldrick will never come close to what Jack did no matter what he does the rest of his career. That Open record just speaks volumes.
  10. You mad Bro? ;) Upset even? Dont you understand? Dont feel bad I can help you with that. I understand the limited mindset you have and others have, its ok. You dont want to understand? cool :)
  11. Whenever talent or natural ability come up I go watch this, http://www.ted.com/talks/black_my_journey_to_yo_yo_mastery.html However I am sure he had talent and natural ability and succeeded the first time and pulled all that off in a minute. He had God given gifts and his hand behind him I am sure. Most can practice a lot, wont make you good, just a bit better, then a few understand that deliberate/deep practice allows you to become good not just better and then there are even fewer that also understand that a superior strategy allows you to succeed beyond what people c
  12. Common attitude. If you want support from people to do things, forget it Do your thing, become better.
  13. Golf is a game of margin for error and not making mistakes. once you do that, your solid and good. tour pro has a 10 shot difference between the best round and worst round. Padraig Harrington 3 time major winner shot 80 in wells fargo. tour pro´s good? a 3 time major winner he still shot the same score as Dan. yes different coruses, different set up, still if those guys are so good, why shoot 80 especially since you won a few times even 3 majors. did his talent became tired?
  14. No wonder you suck due to golf instruction pretty much is clueless in general its not your fault. I find it funny when I see a PGA well known trainer who people think is good, train someone and my brain is like why do he teach that way as it makes it hard to learn and do? I talked to some trainers also, and I talk to players also, once you know as I done added 50 yards to someones driver and they hit it long in regard to others in 5 minutes, you have to ask what they are doing in golf. I see so many posts about what happens inside your head before the impact and I go, dont they kno
  15. 10000hours is a reference number, any sport its seldom about the mechanical technique stuff, as many basket players who succeed can handle 200 days of travel, 80 games, any distractions like groupies and drugs on tour. Those players that have trouble leaving home, are easily seduced by the success often goes away in spite of being talented for their sport due to them lacked "talent" of you know a good night sleep, no alcohol and girls on room during the tour. I just find that when I meet athletes they have pretty much no clue what to do to bring out their best game every time. and t
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