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  1. I'd like to resurrect this thread. After a long off-season I took my first ~60-75 swings to get fitted for new clubs and I feel like I got hit by a truck. Playing golf makes me more sore in places I can't even imagine than heavy lifting ever has.
  2. Didn't even notice this... In my head just centered down the middle with gym and golf in red and repeat in white. GYM GOLF REPEAT If I could be greedy could I get two so I could gift one to my dad? These are great.
  3. I feel like this is more or less my original idea. IMO these guys can be at best described as "built for golf" and I'm yet to see a Tour pro who is objectively muscular/built, regardless of how functionally fit or athletic they are. That's pretty much why I posed the question whether people who have a passion for golf draw a line in the sand between their fitness goals and golf game (like I do) or try and have them work together.
  4. I always saw Tiger’s physique as vastly overrated in terms of build... Koepka is maybe on his way there... Rory and JDay are just slim guys wearing a size too small... Especially Jason Day... I guess by “work out” I actually mean “lift weights”. But obviously we all perceive these guys through different lenses.
  5. My only interjection is that fitness is my profession so I’m well versed in what to expect from regimented exercise/nutrition... It’s just a measuring stick thought as to whether someone is “built”: walking on the street in a well fit shirt, can people tell you work out? Vain, sure, but that just ties back to my question... I work out for what I see in the mirror not for my golf game.
  6. I'm sure there's a good reason why there's never really been a truly muscular/built Tour player... Athletic/lean yes, but nobody I would see in street clothes and say "yeah, that guy definitely puts in the time at the gym."
  7. At this point in my life (23) I can outdrive my father (56) by about 40yds (250's v 290's). Jokes on me though 'cause he can still bench press more to go along with the rippling 6-pack I've been chasing after the last 4+ years.
  8. My own take: I take fitness/exercise probably more seriously than my golf game. My gym time is entirely geared toward physique development (isolated weight lifting). I can say confidently that my "brand' of fitness affects my golf negatively and vice versa. Not so much performance, but really how prepared my body feels to do one or the other. Playing 18 holes with a chest pump and DOMS from yesterday's leg workout adds a whole new element to the game managing pain, stiffness, soreness, etc. Then the flip-side would be golf generates its own set of aches when you're actively ill-prepa
  9. Used to work at a golf course in college which included 2-3 range picker sessions per day... From experience getting hit with a ball inside one of those things literally sounds like a gun shot. But yeah, I still aim for it.
  10. Stupid aggressive. Constantly banging drives that I failed to shape through fairways, sending approach shots over the green that didn't have enough spin, nearly dunking chip shots only to have them slide 8 feet past the hole. Refusing to leave the driver in the bag on par 4's under 400yds even though my 100yd and in game is my weakest asset.
  11. Golf and fitness pretty much dominate 90% of my existence professionally and personally.
  12. Adam Goodman is back from the dead with a brand new swing and more importantly a brand new outfit. Ready for your hyper-critical analysis. HIT ME. I don't know why it's so small.
  13. 33-37-70 (-2) having trouble keeping focus on the back playing alone.
  14. Wow, I haven't been on here in ages. And I haven't picked up a golf club for 7 months before today. Here is my latest swing. Seems to me my grip is too strong, my tempo is too quick, and my left foot comes off the ground a little. Any other notes?
  15. I guess. Mainly I'm trying to say that golfers often forget that we are all just playing a game.
  16. There are bigger things in life. The less seriously I take the game, the better I play.
  17. It's a really tough topic to cover, because every single person reacts differently. Personal story, my father put a club in my hands when I was 8-years-old, but he was about 90% hands-off. He never enrolled me in any sort of instructional path, because he wanted to wait until I was old enough to make a conscious decision as to whether I wanted to pursue golf. I spent one summer at a casual children's golf camp, and the pro who ran it suggested that my father allow him to personally instruct me and get me going in the Junior tournament circuit, but we both decided against it because at
  18. I'm an 18-year-old, 5'5" 145 pound scratch golfer. Here is my response: 1) How long did it take to break 70? If it took you 2 years, was that 2 years from the first time you picked up a golf club, or did you just play around for the first year and then take the second year seriously? I first picked up a golf club when I was 8-years-old and played every now and then from when I was 12, but I never really took it seriously until I was 15. (I played my freshman varsity golf season with 8 junior-sized clubs. LOL with me.) I first broke into the 70's when i was almost 16, and bro
  19. Brilliant. Hahahaha, they actually used to call me "AI" on my golf team.
  20. I practiced almost never and took my golf game with as little seriousness as possible with fun being the number one priority... And here I am. Point is, everyone reaches their goals differently.
  21. As a four-year Varsity player, with three years at number one, the less seriously I took myself at practice and matches, the better I played.
  22. The better I've gotten the less interest I have in practicing... Wow, I am truly the worst...
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