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  1. nututhugame

    Titleist 714 cb's w/ S300's

    *For Sale* Titleist 714 cb's 3-PW with S300 shafts. All stock. Played for three full rounds and a large range bucket. I'd rate them 9 out of 10. Individual face pics are of the 3i, 8i, & PW. The 8i has been hit the most. The "mark" on the toe of the PW is not one actually, it's a reflection. Upon request I can try to get some better pics even though the lighting in my house and my camera sucks. Rest assured they are in fantastic shape. Asking $650 OBRO shipped to ConUS. PayPal. No trades. Lowballers will be ignored and first one to paypal gets em.
  2. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

  3. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

    Still available. Price dropped to $190 shipped now.
  4. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

    These are definitely players irons. PM sent.
  5. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

    Still available. Make me an offer...
  6. nututhugame

    Why do people lie so much about their distance?

    It's either that they don't really know or small P syndrome.
  7. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

    Price dropped from $235 down to $220 shipped. Really nice irons here...
  8. nututhugame

    PING S58 3-PW

    For Sale - A set of Ping S58 irons 3-PW black dot. ZZ65 stiff shafts w/ Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard grips. Excellent condition. Individual face pics are of PW, 7i, & 4i. $190 Shipped to ConUS. PayPal. REASONABLE offers welcome. No trades at this time.
  9. nututhugame

    Get Off the Darn Range and Go Play Golf

    I would love to go play, but the courses don't open until the 29'th after having been closed since November. I've been hitting the dome or the heated/covered range to keep a little bit of groove in my swing. Knocking off rust in spring SUCKS!

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