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  1. I am not the kind of guy, buying a new set every few years, but I noticed some uneven gaps in my mid irons and got the lofts checked. They just needed some small tweaks here and there, now lofts and lies are back to new and my gapping has improved much. How often it would be wise to have lofts and lies checked ?
  2. Just take some lessons with the 3W and maybe add a driver later. As long as you keep that 3W or driver in the fairway or just beside, it will be the first 200-250 yds gone from a par 5. When even you plan to do 3x a 5 iron, it really must be 3 good shots with that 5 iron. It looks easy to do 3 good shots in a row with a 5 iron, but for most players in the 90's it is not !
  3. Well I bought that BioCell driver. Drives are strong and near straight, but that I have with all "new" drivers .... I still have to find optimum settings for my swing but I hit a few hitting the net at the end of our driving range which is at about 250 yds.
  4. I sometimes work the ball, but mosty they work by themselves
  5. I used to play these MP-58 (oops that was the MP-57) before I went to AP2 some years ago. I would say there is not a lot of difference in forgiveness, but the 57 was better in working the ball.
  6. Topic Title was "Within 50 yds" .... nothing weird that some of us (me) are also talking about 20 or 30 yds ..... IMHO that is within 50 yds ...... isn't it ?
  7. Might sure be be so, but I feel it has more to do with kind of grass on courses (like DaveP043 wrote) and "new school" hitting it close with enough spin to stop the ball quickly ..... Still when Phil Mickelson won the Open some years ago, he played a lot of those old school BnR shots
  8. I took a list of recommended drivers from the near past to some shops to see what I could find (2nd hand or at a nice sale price). G30 was still a bit pricy, but G25 could be found at nice prices. In the past I was quite fond of Cobra aswell (S2 and S3), but got lost when they introduced new models Amp Cell, Bio Cell, Fly-Z, 6, 7 and 8. I heard many positive remarks on the Fly-Z .... still looking for a good one, but how about the Bio Cell (not the +) ..... I have seen a nice one for a nice price and it is near new. Cheers, Gerald.
  9. well I have been playing that for about 40 years now, maybe it is experience, maybe it is that golf and conditions are different in Europe, than on most USA courses with faster greens.....
  10. You have a point there ! it depends on the quality of the fringe and fairway, if it's dry and bumpy I will also opt for landing it at the green.
  11. Today's players ...... sounds a bit to me that you mean today's tour players ..... not us. Today's tour players are so seldom in that range from the hole I am not a today's (tour) player and a bump and run from let's say 20-30 yds can be hard to judge with a high soft landing pitch shot compared to a low running and rolling bumb and run.
  12. Whenever I am within 50 yds from the hole .... I basicly use one single magic club if there are no hazards between me and the flag. Whenever possible I play a low risk, high percentage up and down shot ..... it is my little secret for a low score on most holes. Bump and run towards the flag. My favo bump and run club is my 8 iron ..... what is yours ?
  13. I have a love/hate relation with my hybrids, they go in and out of my bag, some days they are great, some days they are in hooking country (but I also always have problems with my fairway woods from the fairway .... maybe just not a woodie player). In the past I mostly also had a 2 and 3 irons in the bag and they were very useful for me. I have an older Adams Pro Black 20* I only use from the teebox, nice for those long par 3's or narrow holes. I have tried the old models FliHi about 5 years ago, great from the teebox but not for me from the fairway. I just wonder if I woul
  14. I have been reading some on driving irons vs wood like hybrids vs. those more compact head hybrids. Lots of advise is like : driving iron higher swingspeed players, compact headed hybrids for about medium to higher swingspeeds and the wood like hybrids for the medium swingspeed players. I have no idea what I am : my driver swingspeed is about 96-100 Mph Would a Driving iron (18* or so) make sense or would you need a swingspeed of 110-130 to profit from a driving iron. It would be my 210-225 yds. club (currently using a Adams Black Pro 9031 - 20*)
  15. I am not an 18 ..... maybe I am a 54 now, but I used to play from 5.7 so I know how to play (not like these animals) ....... and I have a 2H that I only use from the tee at long par 3's or narrow par 4's ..... my 3W goes as long as most players drivers, my driver .... balls go out of sight, mostly ending in the woods or on another fairway -;)
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