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  1. I see no point in buying a new set every few years, it maybe takes a few years before you are really into a set, so why toss them away and start all over again. In total I play golf about 40 years now and as far as I remember after a half beginner set I bought a set Wilson Fluid Feel I played for about 10 years, traded it in for a set of Ping Eye2's, went back to blades of Mizuno after another 10 years and being an old time Wilson addict bought a Wilson CI-7 set about 10 years ago and replaced these with a Wilson CI-9 set about 8 years ago.... still playing these !
  2. Old used putters...

    Zebra ..... Yep that is my long time favo ! I bought mine new about 35 yrs ago, used it always, made a few side steps to Cameron and back to the Zebra ..... For me it is the best putter, but because it is a bit light it is not the best for long putts.
  3. Back after not playing for about 5 yrs.

    Tracian Cliffs is a beautiful course, I was near in Balchik last summer, but no time. Distance has never been an issue, I am tall 6'8" and played a 5.7 handicap about 30 years ago, drives are still long but short game lacks practice. Golfbidder is not shipping to Bulgaria .... Yes, I mostly liked those Callaway drivers, long and easy to hit, but most are go high flight !
  4. Hello, After moving to Bulgaria I didn't play golf for a few years, asked my sister to send me an old set of Wilson Cavity backs that I bought online (not shipping to Bulgaria) and will try to pick up the game again, I figure with a little bit of practice will be a bogey player soon enough. Still need to find a good driver of about 2-3 yrs back ..... any recommends ? Just for info, my natural swing is a slight fade, not the best for a good drive, but I managed around 250-275 yds normally. Cheers, Gerald.
  5. Gerald

  6. I prefer a light bag, I normale carry my sets PW (44), and only two specialized wedges (50 and 58) ...... and I don't bother about gaps, gap control is done by me, not by the clubs !
  7. I have been using a Ram Zebra putter since about mid 80's ...... I've tried many others like Bettinardi's and Camerons, but I keep coming back to that Zebra ...... they are on eBay now and then ...... at $40 or less ..... they are great (I even bought a few spare ones over the last few years). Changing putters might help for a while, but putting as much time in your putting (+ lessons) as most of us do in your driving will pay off !
  8. I have been playing golf only a few times over the last 2 years, busy, busy, busy, but I kinda restarted last month, still using my "old" Callaway Razr Hawk and TM Superfast 3W. My 3W is about 230-250 yds and my current driver is "only" 250-275 yds ...... sure I can leave the driver at home, but 300+ is for fun, isn't it ? Personally I have been a TM man over about 25+ yrs in golf and I am looking to upgrade my driver to a TM model. I like the R1, but I don't need the adjustable loft, so a R11s or R9 Supertri, will do fine. What is the big differrence between the R11s and R9 Supertri ? Please advise !
  9. My set's pw and sw are 48 and 54 ....... so maintaining same gaps, would mean a 60 would be ideal, but I am no logica's guy ...... I prefer a club that I feel comfortable with around the green. For me 58 is about twice as easy as a 60 ...... Strange ??? I have been on the one wedge idea before, but as I see some golfers using a 60 for a long rolling chip ( not a pitch ), mine check and have less roll, so what is the secret of the low running and rolling low chip and run with a lofted wedge..... ?
  10. Looks like I am going to buy a second hand Adams Idea Pro black 20* Voodoo Stiff for 50 bucks, but I will demo the TEE 16.5* of I can find it overhere. I had a similar 16* Idea Pro Black about 3 yrs. ago, but that was to less loft to get consistent results..... At least for me it was.
  11. In the past I had troubles with my drivers (in the days metal woods were news) and I had a Taylor Made Raylor 4 wood, that was near perfect. A few years ago I tried modern 3W and 5W (909 F) and have hit some wonderful shots...... But also so many disappointments with them, that I kinda think I am not a wood player...... I still have a golden oldie 5 wood in my closet (Daiwa Exeler 5W full graphite head) having to hit that beween the screws and it really is a small head (today) and a Great Big Bertha Tungsten Titanium 2 iron ...... both are great from the tee, but not from the fairway (for me). I feel I prefer something that hits like a iron and has the distance of a 4 wood or 1 or 2 iron ......
  12. Over about 30 yrs I have using this or that wedge system, Pelz, Utley, etc. using a 8 iron for rolling approaches and a 56* for sand, even carried two 56* sandwedges for different sand conditions, etc. Switched from 48-52-56-60 to 46-52-58 back and forth and allthough whatever system used I holed many and had many up&downs;, still after all these yrs I am into maybe the next better system ..... I like the thought of using one wedge for all greenside shots and alter the shot instead of using a whole bunch of wedges, being creative rather than being mathematical ..... I think or feel a 58* or 60* to be the most versatile for most greenside shots ( and use a 9i for the occasional "bumb and run"), but what bounce would be most adequat ? Please advise !
  13. I've been an iron player most of my golfing years, was playing blades mostly, still have my old Wilson Fuid Feel, but I am playing with a set (3-SW) Ping ISI now. No problem with the 3 iron, but not as long as it was in the old days, 3 iron is about 200 yds now. I recently added a Razr Hawk (neutral 10.5* S) averaging about 250 and I like to fill the gap. Current index is 9.7 ( was around 5.0 about 2 ys ago), but at the moment I am more of a bogey player...... I was thinking on a Ping G15 17* off the deck and off the fairway ..... Any thoughts ?
  14. I currently play MP-67 ....... I actually am playing worse now than when I was still playing the 710 AP2, doesn't bother me much, it maybe differs only a few strokes per round...... a less perfect shot is a less perfect result, but the feel on a good one is so much better than with the AP2's that I take the punishment of a poor shot and am still very pleased with the MP-67's. I have allways been fond of the MP-68 as well, but never felt the need to invest in the MP-68 vs. MP-67. I currently play the quite harsh PX 6.0 shafts and since I think of switching to a slightly softer shaft, it might be the right time to buy a maybe discounted MP-68 or go for a MP-69. Anyone hit these yet and being able to compare these to the MP-68/MP-67?
  15. MP68 price drop?

    Sure prices will drop, but will it be much, I can imagine many will like the MP-68 more than the MP-69 ........ MP-69 is marketing only, maybe Mizuno hopes that a certain group of potential buyers will buy these for the sexy name only ....... I like my MP-67 ....... maybe I will also buy a nice MP-68 if I bump into these at a fair price.......

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