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  1. I do this a lot and have narrowed it down to 2 common faults. 1, my shoulders are not turning enough and 2, my left wrist gets too cupped.
  2. 3 clubs that have never left my bag: 1. mid 80's becu Ping Eye2 58 sand wedge 2. 1993 ish MacGregor 64 deg. wedge 3. mid 80's becu Ping B-60 putter.
  3. I just bought the Monster mat. It's 5 x 5 and stupid expensive ($328). This is the same mat I've been hitting off for the last year at the range when the grass is closed. Under commercial use they have held up real well and do not leave all that green residue on your irons. I figured that this is one of those items in life where you could try and save a little and live with many regrets or buy it once for life and be satisfied. They make a model up from this that you can peg a tee into but that cost even more. I just use one of those rubber tees that sit flush with the mat and that will hold a normal wooden tee. Also if you can't locate locally shipping will run about $50. I paired the mat with a Range Servant ball tray. Its rubber, not plastic, sits flush with the lip of the mat and is very heavy. It just absolutely will not move unless you move it. It holds about 50 golf balls.
  4. 1. pick up a set of the Eye 2 +, closer to modern lofts. 2. who cares what the # on the club is. what matters is to know how far you hit it. 3. find a shaft you adore and reshaft the old Pings. My lob is actually an Eye2 sw reshafted with Ping CFS that matches the rest of my irons. Cannot tell a difference in feel or strike between my 54 and 58 even though they are 30 years apart in age.
  5. I could probably game either type of head providing I like the feel/weight/length/shaft. My current irons (g25) and wedges were actually chosen because they had the shaft I wanted and were the last set of clubs I bought when chasing down a proper swing. I still think slower swingers or those with a poor swing will benefit from cavity back/game improvement irons but shaft is still king.
  6. Forgot to mention my short game and putting practice time have actually doubled this week since I just changed golf balls so as necessary I make adjustments in my time allotments based on my needs.
  7. Between 2016 and 2018 I was going through major swing changes and I spent almost all practice time on the full swing. 2018 was largely spent ingraining my new swing and playing , simply enjoying the new stress free swing. My golf season is usually April through September because I just despise anything colder than 70 degrees so my 2019 season season started out a little rough. Just rebooting my own memory took more time than I thought. As a result I beat more balls on the range then I wanted. Now on year 3 with the new swing I had my latest start ever, mid May, due to weather and covid 19 but after 7 months off I was able to shake off the rust after 1 bucket of balls. If your swing is fine you will quickly get bored just beating balls. I have 1 hour per day in my schedule for practice so I don't try to do it all every session. Really depends on what I feel like or what I think I need to focus on. Actual range time is broken down into thirds. Warming up, gap wedge to driver, skipping every other club. Working on 1 specific thing . Today for example was working on strike. And the last third is spent playing a few holes from memory of my favorite courses. Bottom line for me is about 80% range. Includes lots of sand, lob and 64 wedge work being the practice bunkers and related green are on the range itself. 15% chipping green and 5% (if that) putting green. I get bored quickly putting but enjoy many beers putting at home. I even have a duplicate of my gamer cut down an extra inch since I putt barefoot at home. Sorry for the long winded post but over the last few years my practice routine has definitely changed but that is the backstory as to the reasons why.
  8. I saw a tip from Mark Crossfield earlier this week that has seemed to help my chipping so far. Practice only with 1 of your wedges a day. Each day a different wedge as to better ingrain into your memory the different shots but all with the same club. Helps clear the mind and avoid confusion.
  9. I was custom fit for 1/2" short but got a great deal on a slightly used standard set so I cut them myself. No big deal if you cut from the grip end and if and when you want to return the club to normal just glue in a shaft extension which I have also done when experimenting with different lengths.
  10. My advice, stay far, far away from youtube. If what your doing, working on, or proper instruction is showing improvements don't let any other ideas creep into your head. I don't care if it's youtube, a former instructor or a trusted friend.
  11. Swing sucks after weight loss? Yep, been there, done that. 75 lbs. ago my core was not only much bigger but more stable. When I drift I can lose it both ways. Usually its a slice but on days when I've got a little more swing speed that slice can become a nasty hook off the toe as I try to save the shot. I still drift forward when I'm not vigilant about a steady head and staying behind the ball. I know it sounds silly because it's likely the first thing we were taught but part of a steady head is keeping your eye on the ball and watching that clubhead hit the back of the ball. I know how frustrating it can be. On top of all the problems I had necessitating a swing rebuild, I injured my left knee permanently. What I learned was that without all that core mass I had lost all stability in my lower half. Now when I make a backswing I must focus on stability in the left knee. However that has solved the backwards drift/sway. I've also experienced that funky iron topspin problem you mentioned. I have found that I simply am not compressing the ball and must focus on contact with a flat left wrist. This thread might help: Also see the five keys thread. Despite all the problems and frustration remember the game of golf will always be there. You must stay hyper vigilant about not gaining the weight back. It's not worth putting yourself through all the hell you have already overcome. I know for myself that without golf I never would have lost as much weight or kept it off.
  12. I have to regrip a women's set. I have an extra set of standard Pure Grips (Tour Velvet style). Is it possible to stretch the grip as I blow it on to thin it up enough to be undersized enough for a petite woman?
  13. Does anyone know who is broadcasting the tournament? I thought it was supposed to be on NBC but all I see is football.
  14. Youtube has alot of drills about this. The one I like is to tee up 2 balls 2 inches apart. Set up normally to the outside one but hit the inside one.
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