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  1. Cancel that It seemed like a good idea at the time but, have just found out that PING can't alter the lie angle of their hybrids.
  2. Thanks for the feedback and input guys. I found this piece of magic while browsing. It may already be on this forum somewhere for all I know. Some of you may already have watched this, I think it really helps me to picture in my head what it is I am trying to achieve.
  3. Hi, can anyone point me to an instructional video on how to hit a fairway wood using S&T.; I seem to manage my irons and even my driver but my woods of the deck are shockers. Thanks
  4. Alongside the other tips that the other guys gave, I think you hit one of your problems on the head here. Not only does having a pre-shot routine help give yourself a consistent set-up, it also can help clear your head of any thoughts that have nothing to do with the shot at hand.
  5. I have just ordered G15 hybrids and, after some research online, decided to go non-standard. What I believe is that OEMs make most clubs too long in most cases. With hybrids they are made to be a length where they can be used as a replacement fairway wood and generally have graphite shafts. If however you want to play them like an iron, and put a steel shaft in them, they knock 1/2" off the shaft length, they say that this helps to preserve the SS. I read somewhere that if you wish to play a hybrid as an iron it should be no more than 1/2" longer than the iron it is replacing. After looking
  6. One way, I find, of creating/increasing lag is, at the top of the backswing to bend your thumbs back. You can do this and still keep your leading forearm straight.
  7. One drill you could try (don't know who to credit it to) - gripping a tee underneath each armpit.
  8. I'm gonna go with the one club advocates. There are few shots that I make that can't be carried out with a 56. Fairway, Rough, Bunker, Closed, Opened, As-is, and it all builds up familiarity with the same club.
  9. Are you pushing the ball left? Push, straight-fade, slice could all be part of the same problem. Look here - http://thesandtrap.com/playing_tips/ball_flight_laws
  10. The same here My best attempt at self-diagnosis is that while I am making a conscious effort to keep my lead arm straight on the back swing and coming back down through contact, I am not straightening my trailing arm which means that both arms are bent on the follow through and this helps close the clubface. Couple this with my apparent inability to hold my hips in a forward position and this all, I think, contributes towards me not getting the golden push-draw, more of a slight fade which I can live with until I get better.
  11. I am intrigued by this. I have recently started to use the Stan Utley style of pitching which results in the club going through the ball at a really shallow angle with the shaft fairly straight up and down at contact. The result of this is that you are actually using the bounce to stop the club from digging in and letting the loft of the club pop the ball up. I find this works for me off packed mud and with a 56* wedge the resulting shot is a high lob and a soft landing. The same thing applies though, you have to commit to the shot and not think 'scull'. Just offering alternatives here
  12. I played my best ever round playing in a gale with the rain bucketing down, makes you really concentrate on every aspect of every shot. When I was young we used to get red golf balls so you could see your ball when there was snow on the ground and we would carry wooden poles to fight off wolves and marauding vikings.
  13. No, not much wind here which probably lets me get away with the easy options. I'm originally from Scotland where you need every shot in the bag.
  14. I recently bought a Mizuno MP T-10, 56-10 and love it. What I am having difficulty deciding is when to change from my "Stan Utley" type sweeping pitch swing, which results in a lovely soft landing, to a more aggressive 'weight forward, take a divot' and maybe get the backspin thing working' type pitch? Do I really need to work on both? or settle for the floppy landing and work on the consistency of one type of swing. My iron play is more 'S&T; and take the divot' so working on both is possible I guess. I am finding though that, with the Mizuno, if I get too aggressive with it I might be in da
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