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  1. Catch a flight!
  2. You're Tiger Woods huh?
  3. Carling, Sara and Taryn are the best on the show by far, the rest should take the next flight home, lol
  4. I report a story about Tiger Woods, and get blasted with negative reputation comments, you people need a life away from golf and a computer, lol
  5. You have issues, lol
  6. That's because he is a hillbilly, LOL
  7. If you can call it that, lol ..... he's more like a star golfer that will never be a champion golfer
  8. With L.A. right next door and it's 17,775,984 population, most of which are gang bangers, So I'll keep packing the heat, thank you, It's true, our police force here does an outstanding job in keeping the crime rate as low as possible, Especially violent crime, but there is always a chance something could happen and I feel better knowing I'm ready for it
  9. Oh I watched alright, I watched the number one player in the world tie for 46th with that swing, lol At least I have a grasp on reality, lol
  10. It's not uncommon for a 2.8 to throw up a 68 at all, hardly a sandbagger IMO
  11. Watson was and is a great golfer, but IMO his stories have far too much dramatization, especially when he speaks
  12. sure, they usually wear hardhats ...... I like to aim for them when they wave me up, hehe
  13. Solid advice here
  14. Damn straight Tiger won't win, but yet these pathtic Woods fans can't seem to grasp the concept that you need a swing to win
  15. hehe ..........