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  1. I will post the results, i must admit ive read about the towel/glove under the armpit but have never tried it...
  2. thanks for the reply,i will pop to the range tomo and try what you sugested,ive ordered the new superfast 2.0 Tp driver in regular (still waiting for it to arrive) i was going to try a stiff shaft over regular but in the fitting my pro said the shaft would be too stiff for my swing speed?
  3. Thanks for the reply,im finding it so hard to correct,i can get the take away and into a good top of the back swing,but its the down swing,i just dont know where to begin,ive tried allsorts but just throw the club over the top every time...i went for a fitting the other week for a new driver,my club head speed was 96mph yet because of the big cut my distance was barely 200yrds,my pro showed me the correct takeaway and becuase it was a free fitting i guess he didnt wan to tell me too much..i know i should just book some lessons but there so expensive id like to try myself first..
  4. Hi I need some help in curing an over the top swing. This problem is really wrecking my game. I get away with my irons and #4 hybrid,i hit them pretty straight,but when i get to the 3 wood and driver the over the top swing is producing a massive fade/slice,i really need to cure this or my game hasnt much chance of getting better..Every time i pull the driver out the bag i just know its not going to be a long drive as i lose so much distance cutting the ball and a job to keep in play. Ive whatched so many videos and read about so many tips my heads a scramble on the tee...any drills or tips would be great..
  5. Hi Kingme...yes its a really nice putter,hopefully nike will release the black grip for sale in the future... I had the same when i brought my scotty,i wasnt keen on the red grip and it cost me about £20 for a limited black scotty grip..
  6. Hi I did a search,couldnt find anything here.. ive searched the net and ebay,but nothing.. Ive brought a nike method and really would like to get hold of the black limited edition grip. does anyone know of anywhere i can get one.or has anybody even come across any for sale.? Ive fitted it with the blackout ping man for now.. thanks for any help..
  7. I think a tall safety net should be erected before a serious accident is caused??
  8. Thats exactly the same for me,no friends of mine play golf,the only person who plays golf that i know is my uncle..
  9. I went for the 5 wood in the end,they didnt even have 4 wood in stock,thanks for all the replys and advice... so i have 5 to AW 4h replaces 4 iron 5 wood replaces 2 iron(not that i have a 2 iron lol) driver
  10. the 5 wood is 18 degree taylormade ti r9 the hybrid is #4 22 degree taylormade 09 rescue not sure on shaft length
  11. Im looking at getting a 5 wood.. would this club be ok to fill the gap between driver and 4 hybrid??or will it not go much further than 4 hybrid..if both clubs were hit perfectly...would the distance in a 5 wood be further.. obviously i will try before i buy..
  12. Exaclty correct,me and my playing buddy had to cut our round two holes short the other evening,because of poor light,due to the fact that the 3 guys in front of us were too busy having a laugh at smacking there shots all over the place instead of avoiding slow play.....
  13. I dont mean to thread hyjack but i have a question,i played a shot the other day ,i was close to some over hanging tree's,i did a few practice swings keeping my backswing short as not to hit the branches above me ,but when i went to play the shot i played a fuller swing and my backswing hit the branches above and as i came through on my downswing i completely missed the ball and chuncked nothing but a divot,i counted that as a stroke as i was trying to hit the ball,is this correct...???
  14. He's joking, SPORE instead of score , MUSHROOM..!!!
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