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  1. Tiger should get back with Butch Harmon and get a divorce quickly. I don't think that Tiger is swinging the club that badly but i think the biggest problem is that he didnt want to be there at the Akron World Championships. Tiger will lose his World Number 1 ranking sooner or later this year and hopefully this could refocus him and allow him to get 'pumped' for next year. However, he has behaved like such an idiot over the last year or so and this has obviously destroyed his karma on the golf couse- I can't see him winning a golf tournament, let alone a major, for at least a year. Sean Fol
  2. Tiger is almost dead last this week- hopefully he can get it together for the USPGA. He should just skip the Ryder Cup and get ready for next year in my view. You have to blame his management team for not managing his situation in the most efficient fashion.
  3. you re right, if you don't think much of someones' behaviour it is difficult to go and work for them on a long term basis. Maybe Tiger ought to ask Fanny, Henrik Stenson's current caddy, for her services in the new year!
  4. If Tiger does well at the USPGA then he should get the pick for the Ryder Cup- my feeling is that he must qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs first and then see what happens...but he has already just about qualified for the playoffs anyway surely with only next week remaining as a Q event? Anyway, Ricky Barnes, JB Holmes, Ricky Fowler, Bubb Watson, Fred Couples and maybe David Duval could be some of the captains picks. We will see.....
  5. It is conceivable that Tiger may never win another golf tournament ever again-certainly not this year anyway. But who knows, he may be treating this week as a tune up for the USPGA next week. In fairness, his swing does not look too bad as everything looks more neutral than it was. However, his private life is messy, and no doubt those bromide pills are taking the zest away from his life and concentration. Tiger needs a girlfriend- he needs to get a bit of lovin' from somewhere cos the greens are rubbing him up the wrong way!
  6. I would say comeback now complete now for Duval after his t18th at The Canadian Open-he is 109 in the FedEx Cup standings and should now qualify for the play offs- and then after earn some fun money in the autumn tournaments. He is a mystery to me- i would say lose a few lbs in the off season and get a bit more help with the back- once his confidence returns he will be a great player.
  7. I think Tiger ought to play in the Ryder Cup and even if he does not automatically qualify he will be a Captain's Pick. He will get a sympathetic ear over in europe hopefully- i think he ought to play but who should he play with?-I would suggest Jim Furyk in the foursomes and maybe Ricky Barnes in the fourball, if he qualifies- but definitely not Phil though as they don't work too well together. Perhaps he should be picked with Ricky Fowler (again if he qualifies) as a bit of fun.
  8. I knew there was something going on behind the scenes this year with Tiger- his whole demeanour and attitude has not been like him at all.....Tiger has been having multiple affairs and has gotten caught by the media (most of what they say is gossip and only one allegation has been legitimised). So what, Tiger likes alot of rumpy pumpy- leave him alone. Who's to say that Elin is blameless in this whol saga anyway? Peter Alliss says TW needs to visit the same sex therapist that Michael Douglas visited..this is not necessary in my view, Tiger just needs to get back to playing golf and do what
  9. In my view, taking a hiatus is not a great idea- when he had knee surgery he probably got it on with a load of different hoes in his recuperation period...he obviously can't keep it in his trousers! His clean cut image is gone and has been shown to be quite unscrupelous...who's to say he won't do the same thing again. He should get divorced and be a bachelor and then he can do what he wants. Tiger has been very lucky up until now and has enjoyed a charmed existence with the press. Things will never be the same again for him.
  10. Im sure that Tiger's management group will be having a fit over this Tiger infidelity incident- although Im not surprised, the temptation to be unfaithful must be almost irresistible for someone in Tiger's position who probably has countless offers every time he plays in a golf event or goes anywhere.... Hope the pre nuptual agreement stands up in court as sometimes they are invalid due to unfairness....I knew there was something wrong with Tiger this year, he's been playing away from home and Elin has been breaking his ballons over it...this is what happens when you re a billionaire golf st
  11. I haven't seen the incident- I was more upset that TW did not give an interview after the third round in Hong Kong last week...with his appearance fees the least he could do is be more friendly off the course. WHO CARES if Tiger won the Australian Masters against a bunch of nobodies!...he should have won the tournament by ten shots against such a weak field- he isnt cutting it any more against the top players.
  12. Tiger has won quite a few second tier tournaments this year. Phil has taken quite a long time off this year and has won the Tour Championshp and the Shanghai event. He had a near miss at the US Open too- considering his personal problems he has performed brilliantly this year. Tiger is off his game and seems disinterested in the regular tour events but too tense in the major events.
  13. Are you talking about Tiger Woods?, lol.
  14. We ought to savour Tiger's presence over the next few years in golf tournaments because as soon as he hits and beats Jack's major record (which will be in the next 5 to 7 years in all probability) there is a good chance that he will retire and never play the game again..he will do a Pete Sampras- even when he quits he will earn 60 to 70 million a year easily through investments and endorsements. Bet Tiger has a Bugatti Veyron in the garage and a Ford Fiesta for trips to KFC for spicy chicken.
  15. I like Paddy- I wish he would stop fiddling with his swing though! Ive got him down to win a major next year (The Open), Phil the other two (The Masters n US Open), and Ross Fisher (USPGA) the other.
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