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  1. The Sleepy Hollow

    You know, I totally agree with you guys. Sergio's game is in the toilet. But I like the kid. He'll win when his putter starts to work and he can keep his drives in the fairway. Right now, his brain is on the end of his putter. Too many chicks and no concentration. I'm rethinking my pics, I'm going to drop him out of my usual line up. Thanks for pushing me over the side. (now that I've abandoned him, watch him win one, lol)
  2. How can I become a caddy on a professional tour?

    I have an old friend who's been on tour for Lord knows how many years and he feeds me all the "gossip" I put in my posts, at least when he returns my emails or is working (he doesn't work every tourny). It's a "who you know" deal, forget caddying on the PGA. You can caddy on the Nationwide in the foreign countrys, that's fairly easy. You get your feet wet there. The Nationwide down in Panama is a good place. The LPGA is fairly easy to get into. Again, you need to hook up with some caddy on the tour, make a friend. Once you caddy, you got it. You just need that break. Go to the next Nationwide or LPGA tourney near your home and mill around with the caddies. They all drink and gamble, so if you do any of that, let me know......
  3. The Sleepy Hollow

    John withdrew again, this time, a pinched nerve in his hip. Hmmm, very talented and a great guy on the golf course, he’s good for golf. He talks to the gallery, sort of a white Lee Trevino. I hate to see him pull out so many times, but he wasn’t all that bad in the Zurich, just stopped after 12 holes. Usually when you pull out, it’s before you start playing. Tiger and Phil in the Hollow. It’s not gonna be sleepy hollow this time. My pics are Sergio, Phil, Tiger, Freddy, Kenny, Davis, Camilo, Kim, Stuart (dark horse) and Andres. They should all be in the top 20. It’s going to be good tournament, I don’t think they’ll be a runaway.
  4. Zurich Classic of New Orleans

    Sergio Garcia, (El Niño), even though he’s a spoiled brat, I still like him. His life style is just what I would do if I was in his shoes at his age. Why not, we only go around once, this is not a dress rehearsal. Throwing clubs into the woods is done by us all at one time or another, but how about spitting into the cup……. Quote from an article: Sergio is one of the best drivers in the world. He normally works the ball from right to left with amazing control. Even on tight courses, he isn’t afraid to hit woods off the tee. This is partly why his performance in majors, where fairways are skinnier and the rough unforgiving, can run so hot and cold. The areas he needs to work on are his iron play and putting. Sergio is an emotional athlete. He has, however, learned to channel his anger, his excitement, and his adrenaline in positive ways, and obviously he adores the pressure of the big stage. Sergio’s temper is his Achilles heel, but he is learning to downshift when it begins to affect his game. He’ll never be a robotic golfer, though, for in the end it is emotion that fuels his game. Another problem Sergio has, and I wish we had the same, is the ladys. He’s been known to tell his caddy to go over to some chick in the crowd and tell her to meet him in the bar at a certain time. I used to have a temper when I was a kid, still do now, 50 years later. I’ve still thrown a club, just recently. Basically, it’s because I know I can hit the ball better and don’t. Case closed. Well see what happens after this rain. It seems 8 out my ten will make the cut. I’d love to see Duval play well, he needs it and would be great for him to win.
  5. Zurich Classic of New Orleans

    There off and running down in N. O. Who will make the cut and who will pull out his lap top, put a zero in the money column and a couple of minus’s for expenditures and looks for a flight home. One lousy putt can mean a plus or minus. Believe it or not, there are some guys on the tour who are just making it. Normally, if they win, they make about 60% after expenditures. Some greenside banter, I’ve know this for a long time and it just confirms the stuff that I hear. Jim Furyk has really never been one of my favorites. He’s a cheap sob, he paid his caddy going rate, no bonus, nothing extra. He’s not a gentleman on the course, takes a long time at “bat” and doesn’t talk to his playing partners. He also doesn’t take his hat off on the 18th green at the end of play salutations, if you all noticed. I’ve seen it before. I just don’t take kindly to him. If he asked me to play 18 with him, I’d pass. Who are some of the guys you would love to have join you for 18? I’ve played with some of the pro’s in my life, but they’re now on the senior tour, lol. Of the bottle rockets, Sergio, Camilo, Boo, of the “old steamers” , John, Choi, Love.
  6. Zurich Classic of New Orleans

    As I mentioned in one of my first posts after the Davis ruling incident, the word “hazard” changes things totally. As I read it and have had it read to me, “one cannot touch or move an object “in a hazard” if it is a loose impediment. If the grass was fixed / growing, he could have touched it on his backswing without penalty. Since it was loose he couldn’t. And, he couldn’t move it if it was attached, but he could touch it. New Orleans, wow, what a place. I’ve been there many times and the food is the best in the world. One must have a palate for spicy food. The Zurich Classic has been around a while, although it doesn’t draw big name guns, it’s a relaxer after the Masters. Stricker has withdrawn, Boo is playing hurt, Davis is still in shock over his penalty call, (his mental state will be shot for a couple of weeks), Baddeley is one of the best putters and these greens are huge, 3 putts will be plentiful. Choi is getting complacent, Romero is hungry for a win, Garcia is still playing around with the ladies, ( he was seen with 2 different chicks in the same night Sunday) and is play hurt, Weir’s putter is on fire, will he keep it that way. Poulter has pulled out due to an injury. Here are some side bets to choose from, go ahead and see how you do, they are for Thursday and Friday’s play. Driving Distance Matchups with a yardage spread. Romero -2.5yds -120 Vs Daly +2.5yds -110 Baddeley -2.5yds -120 Vs Garcia +2.5 -110 McCarron -1.5 -130 Vs Choi +1.5 EV Duval -1.5 -115 Vs Weir +1.5 -115 Kelly -3 -115 Vs O’hern +3 -115 Go Ahead a give it a try, I’ll see ya on Friday with the results.
  7. Brian Davis

    Interesting finish at the Verizon, not so sure if Davis would have called that penalty had the camera not been behind him. Food for thought. Why he yanked it left is beyond me since in a playoff, you gotta play it safe to a point and stay in the game. Any error, such the one played is just mental lapse, there are no more holes ahead. The train has come to the end of the track. He’ll think about that one forever. He didn’t recover all that well anyway, but I think that hitting the reed may have caused a slight mental distraction. It only takes a split second to distract one’s swing….you all know that. Ok, down to New Orleans. Not many big names but we have Choi, Garcia, Kelly, Baddeley, Romero and Weir to give us a go. The course is open, so the big hitters can let it go, it’s a long course, so guys like O’hern and Weir will be hitting about 2 irons more than the bottle rockets. I’ll see ya all tomorrow with some choice stuff from the Verizon….
  8. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    This weekends Stats Matchups Driving Accuracy Matchups. Owen-115 Weekley-115 Villegas-115 Love III-115 Furyk-130 DalyEV Choi-120 Weir-110 Driving Distance Matchups with yrdg spread. Love III-3-115 Villegas+3-115 OwenEV-115 DalyEV-115 Weekley-1.5-115 Choi+1.5-115 Furyk-1.5-115 Weir+1.5-115 Putting Average with putt spread. Weir-.5-115 Furyk+.5-115 Choi-.5-115 Daly+.5-115 Owen-.5-115 Love III+.5-115 Villegas-.5-115 Weekley+.5-115 Greens in Regulation percentages. Weekley-130 OwenEV Villegas-130 Love IIIEV Furyk-120 Choi-110 Daly-120 Weir-110 monday grade.
  9. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    K.J. is having a little trouble keeping his ball on the fairway. But he'll come around, he's doing just ok, as compared to yesterday. He's like a machine, doesn't falter.....K.J. supports an orphanage in Korea and sponsors kids here in the US. Very nice person. yes....he does speak English but is embarrsed to speak all that much.
  10. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    These are the results of the stats for today. Checkem out with the previous numbers. AccuracyTrny Love III79 Weekley79 Sergio79 Furyk79 Villegas71 Daly71 Weir57 Choi50 DistanceTrny Love III287 Weekley280 Choi279 Sergio277 Villegas272 Furyk266 Daly265 Weir255 Putts Choi23 Furyk24 Weir24 Love III26 Sergio28 Daly28 Weekley31 Villegas31 GIR Sergio83 Weekley83 Villegas78 Love III72 Choi61 Furyk61 Weir61 Daly50
  11. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    K.J. is one of the more well like pro's on tour, one thing is he doesn't say much because of the language barrier, and a lot of the pros like that, concentration. There are some that talk about everything else but golf while they walk the course, Paul Goydos used have a wondering mind on the course, should we say.
  12. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    K.J. Should do very good at this tourney, even though he hasn't played in a long time at Harbour Town. Try these props and see how you do. Driving Accuracy Camilo VillegasOver59.5-120 Driving AccuracyUnder59.5Ev Jim FurykOver70.5-110 Driving AccuracyUnder70.5-110 Davis Love IIIOver62.5-110 Driving AccuracyUnder62.5-110 John DalyOver53.5-130 Driving AccuracyUnder53.5110 K.J. ChoiOver64.5-110 Driving AccuracyUnder64.5-110 Sergio GarciaOver62.5-120 Driving AccuracyUnder62.5EV Mike WierOver62.5-120 Driving AccuracyUnder62.5EV Boo WeekleyOver64.5EV Driving AccuracyUnder64.5-120 Greens in Regulation Camilo VillegasOver66.5-120 Greens in RegulationUnder66.5Ev Jim FurykOver63.5-110 Greens in RegulationUnder63.5-110 Davis Love IIIOver67.5-110 Greens in RegulationUnder67.5-110 John DalyOver64.5-130 Greens in RegulationUnder64.5110 K.J. ChoiOver70.5-110 Greens in RegulationUnder70.5-110 Sergio GarciaOver63.5-120 Greens in RegulationUnder63.5EV Mike WierOver61.5-120 Greens in RegulationUnder61.5EV Boo WeekleyOver68.5EV Greens in RegulationUnder68.5-120 Putts Per Round Camilo VillegasOver29.5-120 Putts Per RoundUnder29.5Ev Jim FurykOver29-110 Putts Per RoundUnder29-110 Davis Love IIIOver30-110 Putts Per RoundUnder30-110 John DalyOver30.5-130 Putts Per RoundUnder30.5110 K.J. ChoiOver29-110 Putts Per RoundUnder29-110 Sergio GarciaOver29.5-120 Putts Per RoundUnder29.5EV Mike WierOver28.5EV Putts Per RoundUnder28.5-120 Boo WeekleyOver30.5EV Putts Per RoundUnder30.5-120 Driving Distance Camilo VillegasOver294.5-120 Driving DistanceUnder294.5Ev Jim FurykOver267.5-110 Driving DistanceUnder267.5-110 Davis Love IIIOver292.5-110 Driving DistanceUnder292.5-110 John DalyOver294.5-130 Driving DistanceUnder294.5110 K.J. ChoiOver280-110 Driving DistanceUnder280-110 Sergio GarciaOver284.5-120 Driving DistanceUnder284.5EV Mike WierOver277.5EV Driving DistanceUnder277.5-120 Boo WeekleyOver290EV Driving DistanceUnder290-120
  13. Nice to see KJ come up with a good Masters

    Well, (and that’s a deep subject), the Master’s is in the books and now it’s on to the Verison. Harbour Town Golf Links is a beautiful course seeking accuracy from the tee to green. One cannot spray the tee shots. K.J. Choi fits in nicely here. I bag him for the best Driving Accuracy. Putting greens are small, so expect Greens in Regulation to be above norm. Even though the greens are small, they are true and a little on the slow side, depending on the watering scheme. Good putters will have a field day. You should see putts per round averaging about 27.5 or so. I’m giving away all the answers to my props…..lol…Everybody is touting Furyk, hmmm, I don’t think so. He’s been in the pits as of late……The one left stat to bet on is Average Driving. I hate to give away my secrets, but when they measure the “average drive” it’s not for every drive. It’s on one hole on the front side and one hole on the back side….usually a par 5. Damn, you guys are gonna know all the tricks…….See what you can do against the Pro’s……Ya’all come down see me now, hear… and I ain’t from the South. All Men Are Created Equal……………Until They Play Golf…..
  14. Which Player Wins a Major First?

    According to an ol caddy friend of mine, who I have known for years and years, Tiger was the most "fined" pro on tour. There are certain things that aren't let out into the open and that's stuff like "fines" on golfers or another pro calling a ruling on his fellow pro. Like the time VJ called down Tiger for his driver and also called down Mick on his length of spikes, (back when steel was allowed). I still keep in contact with my buddy, he fills me in on "good stuff" every so often and I'll pass it on. Like, the winner, Phil. The other caddies don't like him at all. He treats them as if the are slaves. He talks down to them. Maybe he's changed, that was a couple of years ago. The big cats usually don't change their spots. Well, Tiger was tamed. He looked like me putting, and that ain’t good. I mentioned in my previous posts, Kim might do it if his putting was hot, and it was on fire Sunday. If only Mick had faltered, Kim might have been in a playoff. I felt for Freddy, dunking it in the drink, 2 strokes and momentum gone. I believe that he would have done a lot better if his irons had been a little more accurate. But, so is golf….. Next week, the Verizon……I’ll keep ya all posted with some spectacular props….. Signed All Men Are Created Equal Until They Play Golf.
  15. Your 2010 Masters Predictions

    Well, (and that’s a deep subject), Kim came thru but Camilo stumbled a bit, he’s only 2 over, nothing he can’t pick up tomorrow. Sergio got distracted with some chic in the gallery, forget him…..(maybe) Stenson, there is no tomorrow…….his fade turned into a slice. Tiger, as for ? Win, hmmmm. Too early to tell.