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  1. Whether it be a cold and windy day out on the links, or a steamy furnace on the driving range, sometimes nothing is better than some music to keep you company? What are some of your favorite songs or bands to pump you up for your next tee shot, or calm you down for that clutch 6-footer? I find it a huge help if I have some Kasabian or Muse resonating through my ears, but sometimes I need the classical sounds of Prokofiev or Rachminov to calm me down.
  2. Interesting you should say this, because I hit my short irons with Stratospheric height. I play all of my irons forward in my stance, and still hit high with my longer clubs, but evert time I tee it up, I get comments on how ungodly high my 120-160 yard shots go. As you can imagine, they're quite effected by the wind, but every time I try to move the ball back in my stance, I hit horrible hooks on a consistent basis.
  3. I'm in an interesting situation when it comes to the distances on my irons. I'm only 5'6, but I hit my short irons quite far (PW - 140 ; 9I - 152 ; 8I - 165), but as I get into my longer irons, I get progressively shorter, even with well-struck shots. I hit my 6 and 7 Irons just about the exact same distance (175), and my longer irons don't supply the needed distance (5I - 183 ; 4I - 188 ; 3I - 195). I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue before, and if there is a way to give some stability to my distance gaps. Thanks.
  4. Well, I have my biggest tournament of the year coming up, and for the last 2 months, I've been trying to spend >3 hours per week on the putting green. In the ball striking category, I'm really working on keeping my head level and not 'falling in on myself' through impact. I've had a problem all summer that has been poorly treated with lessons of randomly hitting a shot as much as 50 yards left of target. This will tend to happen once every 15 or 20 shots or so, and tends to occur between 165-200 yards.
  5. Agree 100%, I wouldn't mind seeing O'Hair on the Team. He'll perform well at Whistling Straits too with his low ballflight.
  6. Let's see, I'm 111th in the FedEx Cup standings. I'm getting looked at for a Ryder Cup spot that I DO NOT DESERVE. Maybe I should play in more events for these reasons: 1: I need Ryder Cup points 2: I need FedEx Cup points 3: I need Wins 4: I'm going to lose my #1 Ranking if I don't do something about it 5: I need to prove that I can still be competitive 6: I need to be sharp at Majors with tournament preparation 7: Without a swing coach, I need to test my game more often 8: If I can barely contend in strong fields, maybe a weaker field would help me find my comfort level
  7. Let's look at consistancy Two wins, Two top 5s, 6 Top 10s in 14 starts. I can only be talking about the Big Easy. Ernie Els is my pick, and I expect him to snatch another top 5 in the PGA.
  8. Let's look at some factors here: Tiger isn't necessarily a "Team Player" His recent play is something I would expect out of Someone outside the top 100 in the world The United States won in 2008 with NO Tiger Woods As of late, Tiger's play has been much more conservative. You almost can't watch a tournament where the announcers don't comment on his lack of agression, especially off the tee. You need a fiery agression in Match Play, making some of the younger players really look good as a captain's pick. Tiger would be playing to prove that he's capable of good play, not for the good of hi
  9. If you're going for pure style, you can't say Ryo Ishikawa doesn't have the coolest looking swing on tour. As for the BEST swing, I'm sticking with the young guns and throwing Rory McIlroy's name out there.
  10. Hello, I've had the same Cobra s9 (4-GW) since 06'. I have two years until I start Collegiate golf, and was wondering if anyone has played the Cleveland CG7 Laser Milled Irons. I've read reviews online and the feedback has been quite positive, but I would like further analysis before spending $699.99 on them. Just a few things about my game that might effect my choice -I hit the ball very high with a consistant draw, but I can still fade it if I have to. My general miss is left with all of my irons. I hit my short irons very far, but my longer irons seem to have a small gap between them. T
  11. On a tight lie, I like to nip a 52 degree, but we don't always have perfect lies do we lol. I don't use my 60 much outside of a bunker, but If the shot requires any type of miracle, I'll pull it out. I have completely fallen in love with my 52 though, I use it everywhere.
  12. Haha, thanks. I'll do some more research, I'm still concerned about the nearly 6 week process time, but perfection takes patience I suppose :)
  13. I bought a CG-14 56 degree wedge shortly after they were released, but my groves are worn down now. I've been hearing more and more about the Scratch Golf custom designs, and wondering if they're a solid choice over the ever-so-common Vokey Designs or CG-15. With the price going down to $99/wedge, I'm seriously considering purchasing, any feedback on players who have played them? Pros/cons? Thanks
  14. I really like Ian Poulter's swing, very compact, packs a bit of a punch, but he still hits tons of fairways/greens. A good mediation between a power and control swing.
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