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  1. I don't think its ever too early, in fact,I think having a properly fit set will only help you get off to a better(more smooth) start.
  2. I hit all of those except the jpx-800 pro's. I settled on the burner 2.0's because of their forgiveness, with the ap1's coming in second for me. I don't think anyone can go wrong with that group you have there. Anyone of those will be good sets, now its how they work in your hands. Which ones feel better and do what you want them to do. Also, don't get sucked in by the burner being longer than the others, it may be nice for the ego, but just realize the 6 iron is equal to the 5 iron from the other sets. I did end up with the Burner's, but not because of the distance, it was j
  3. I just ordered a set of Burner 2.0's last week. I have been playing a set of Tommy Armour 845's that my Dad got me in 8th grade(I'm 25 now). I finally had what I thought to be enough money set aside, for the specific purpose of buying a new set of irons. I had planned on a set of irons in the $500-$700 range. I went to Golf Galaxy(I know, I know, but I'm a long ways away from my local golf shop that I feel comfortable with) and hit the Mizuno JPX-800's, Titleist AP1 710's, Ping G-15's and Burner 2.0's. I narrowed it down to the Titleist's and Burners before I got the PGA Pro to get starte
  4. I guess I have two that would qualify for this... #1 - Longest drive(in the fairway). I was playing with a group from work, two of the three of them outdrive me normally, but we always grip it and rip it on #17 because its a wide open, dead straight 375yd par 4. None of us could reach it in our wildest dreams, well, I suppose if I bounced it down the cart path and off a tree, I could get it there, but under normal circumstances, not happening! The longest of our group goes first and cranks one down the pipe, ended up measuring out to be 324 with the GPS. The other guy who's a big hi
  5. I need some advice about new Irons. I've used my Tommy Armour's for several years now and I have been looking for new Irons for just about a year. I think I've settled on Taylormade Burner or Burner Plus Irons. However, I've only hit the Burner's, not the Plus'. Now here's the real catch, I'm currently deployed and obviously can't hit the Plus', but I have the chance this weekend to buy them brand new for $340. Has anybody hit both of these? If you have, how do they compare? Also, any other advice or opinions on Irons to look at? I'm looking for something slightly more forgiving that
  6. I just recently hit both the R9 Supertri TP and last year's R9 TP, I preferred last year's R9 TP and ended up buying it. I used to hit an R7 425 TP. The feel of the Supertri wasn't horrible, but it just wasn't quite all there, if that makes sense.
  7. That is exactly the way I play it. I play a fade more often than not(sometimes by choice) so I set up on the right side of the tee box and aim down the left side. This usually gives me more room for error, either I don't fade it enough and end up in the left rough, or fade it too much and end up on the right edge. Dog legs are a different story... dog leg right, I set up on the left and aim down the middle to let my fade turn it around the corner just following the fairway(hopefully).
  8. Usually the blues. It depends on who I'm golfing with. If I'm with my Dad, its the whites, with my buddies, we play from the blues. I've got the distance to make up for it, so it pretty much doesn't change my scores more than 2-3 strokes on a given course.
  9. Aircraft Maintenance in the US Air Force Comm/Nav on C-17s right now, formerly on HH-60G's
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