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  1. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    So the PGA Fantasy golf uses a pretty elaborate scoring system; see below: Throughout a tournament, PGA Tour Fantasy Golf uses five categories: score related, driving, approach, short game and penalties (-3 points for hitting into a water hazard and -5 points for going OB). In each of the categories other than penalties there are ways to both gain and lose points. For example, a player gets 5 points for hitting a 300-yard drive in the fairway, but loses 3 points for missing the fairway on a drive that travels less than 240 yards. As he should. Get that weak stuff out of here. There is also a sixth category that awards a bonus at the end of an event based on how many FedEx Cup points your players earned that week. Hey, now you might actually care about the FedEx Cup race!
  2. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Hey @Shindig and @Warren Zevon you are right Yahoo starts in January, but the PGA Tour Fantasy starts today off their website. I started playing it mid-season last year and it is good. Any of the hard core TST fantasy golf guys should get a team in and I can start a league and we can do both. You still have a short time to lock a roster for this week's tournament. If you don't, get in this week and let me know then I will invite any of the TST fantasy golf guys who are interested to a league myself and Ray's Creek (from our Yahoo league) have just started. PGA has 4 segments, you pick a line up of 4 with 2 on the bench, and you have 3 starts per player per segment, for a total of 12 starts for the year. Don't use starts by the end of the segment, you lose them; they don't carry over. Points structure, not totally sure, but is based on how a player plays in each round; points not as straight forward as Yahoo. They also have a One and Done that is fun. We can still do Yahoo in January too.
  3. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Week off to regroup! Just checked and the week 16 has been deleted....Wells Fargo next one listed.
  4. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    So New Orleans is a team format this year, but Yahoo has us picking individual players....I wonder how this is going to work?
  5. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Can head over to http://fantasybracket.pgatour.com/ and fill out a Match Play bracket if anyone is interested.
  6. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    First day of Spring....that means Segment 2 of the Yahoo Fantasy golf season is around the corner. Good time to jump in if you didn't get on board at the beginning. Week off with the Match Play this week, then next segment starts on March 30 with the Shell Huston Open, with the Masters right after that. Congrats to @Wanzo for winning the first segment.
  7. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Ditto...and the worst kind of WD...at least he could have done it before the round so he didn't burn a fantasy start! Very selfish on his part......
  8. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Yes, good strategy to use for Career Builder and Torrey Pines too. I think this is the last tournament of the season that uses multiple courses....
  9. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Rain delays....the bane of Yahoo Fantasy Golf!
  10. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Ditto Rose on the bench! Good Canadian boy Adam Hadwin with another stellar round too....as a Canadian I am happy but I did not let my patriotism spill over to my picking him for the week unfortunately!
  11. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Hang in there @Club Rat, I was in the 40th percentile after three tournaments last year. It's a marathon, not a sprint....you can turn it around....or not!
  12. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Anyone pick Dominic Bozzelli to go 8 deep on the Stadium course? If you did, you either hit the wrong player by accident, or you are a #FantasyGolfLegend
  13. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Well with my 2 substitutions, I have 4 guys in the top 6...hoping for a good weekend filled with bonus points.
  14. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    So much for my Paul Casey hunch....+3....subbed him in place of JT on Wednesday.....a 20 point debacle for yesterday.....by bench did great in round 1! The ups and downs of Fantasy Sports.
  15. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    Going to be a good season for sure.

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