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  1. Anyone else get a bunch of emails saying their players had WD when in fact they had not? Seem to remember the site glitching like this once last year too and they canned the points for the week. Difference was this is a non-cut event and it was locked and you couldn't sub new players in.
  2. Season starts tomorrow....not too late for anyone to join. Good luck.....heard people blame Google for a lot of things, but a new one here 😉 and not sure how you defend an "aborted run"???
  3. 4 days to get a roster in.....it'd be great to have some new blood in the pool.....good group and it keeps you on top of the PGA season.
  4. Glad you're on board @Shindig...but ESPN? We haven't used that in over a decade 😉
  5. Thanks @iacas the thread has been posted.
  6. Who is up for some Fantasy Golf? The 2019-20 season already starts this Thursday. Many of The Sand Trap members have been partaking in Fantasy Golf for over a decade now, and we welcome all TST members to join our robust league. In the past, we have played ESPN, then Yahoo, and The Golf Channel fantasy leagues, and have used the PGA Tour Fantasy site since last season; it is fun, engaging, and does not take a lot of time, and from my experience, keeps me more interested in the PGA Tour throughout the season. And TST League is always one of the more competitive out there. Essentially, you have to pick six players per week, and have 4 starters and 2 on the bench; the bench is there to sub in in case of missed cut etc....the catch is the season is divided into 4 Segments, and you only get to use a player 3 times per segment, so some roster management is needed. For example, even if you only put a player in your roster for a single round, it uses up one of the 3 starts for that player for the segment. Points are awarded in each round for each player for a multitude of factors (see link to the rules at the end of this post). To join, you must first go to https://www.pgatour.com/fantasy.html and create a Team. Once you have done this, you go to the fantasy golf to the right tab, and choose the red "Fantasy Golf". Then, you can join the TST Fantasy Golf league by following these steps: Join my league in PGA TOUR Fantasy #PGATOURfantasy Golf League URL: https://fantasygolf.pgatour.com/api/v6/pgaroster/og/object/leagues/id/22988League Name: TST Fantasy GolfThe password is: thesandtrap When you sign up, I also highly recommend that you sign up for the roster alerts, which lets you know if you have not filled your roster before the deadline, and then also alerts you if a player has missed a cut, WD etc. If you miss a week, you can still play along, but it is hard to catch up. Description: PGA TOUR Fantasy allows you to show off your knowledge of the sport by picking a team of 6 PGA TOUR Professionals (4 Starters, 2 Bench). Scoring is live and exclusive using PGA TOUR Shotlink and based on player performance on the course. Play with your friends in a private group or test your skills in one of our public groups. Whether you want to play for prizes, glory or bragging rights PGA TOUR Fantasy is the only live fantasy game where the outcome of each shot matters.Official Rules: https://fantasygolf.pgatour.com/#/roster/rules @Club Rat @Aces Wild @Warren Zevon @mildee @Northwoods88 @coachjimsc @Wally Fairway @Shindig @boogielicious @Bill Fusion @golfguide @DaveP043 @Alanpe @djfajt71 @bruce @Antneye @smdillon @Ballgame59 @vijofrech If you are already a member of the League from last year, no need to join again....just set your roster and our League stays there....I have tagged everyone here who was in last year, or posted in the 2018-19 thread and showed some interest. Spread the word and invite other TST members and see if we can get our numbers up. Good luck to all.
  7. Yes a week away....I keep checking the PGA site daily for sign in and creating a league for the season, but nothing there. I am starting to think that perhaps the league just carries over. @Club Rat @Warren Zevon @Aces Wild would you guys mind having a look and see if you see something I don't? If we figure the league just continues, I will start a new thread for 2019-20 with the instructions to join, and then new people can join, and we can tag the current members to remind them that the season is starting. Thanks.....
  8. Thanks @Aces Wild I will tag all of this year's members in my initial post so you get an alert about sign up. Checked it earlier today and nothing ready to go on the site yet.
  9. gogolfing


  10. Thanks @Warren Zevon it has been a fun season. I will keep checking the PGA site and as soon as I can register our League for 2019-20 I will set it up and start a new thread on TST.
  11. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but I was reading on the PGA site that for their 2019-20 Fantasy golf that they are bringing back bonus points. In previous years we got bonus points for picking the winner, maybe even top 3, so will add another dimension to it. Not sure why they got rid of it this week. Things start up again September 12 at the Greenbrier, so we will have 3 weeks off and then back at er for next year. Once the sign up starts for next season, I will create the League and a new thread on TST, and tag all of us in it so we can see it. Good luck this week.
  12. Down to the last three weeks....final two with no cut....should be an interesting finish to the season. A couple of Canadians battling it out for top spot....good luck @Warren Zevon, and to everyone else.
  13. I've gotten up into the top 50 a few times, and one back week and I dropped pretty significantly.....tough to recover from it for sure.
  14. Think lots got burned by him....from what I read on Twitter it was a last minute WD so if that is any consequence, it wouldn't have helped if you checked. I looked as soon as I saw it to see if I could get a bench guy in, but they had both teed off so no luck. Good luck this week to all.
  15. If you go to the PGA Fantasy page, the Match Play bracket is up....not sure if it will connect us with the league, but fun to do. Don't forget to set a lineup for Puntacana too. Match Play starts on Wednesday.
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