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  1. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    PGA Fantasy golf is a hybrid of TGC and Yahoo...similar scoring to TGC Salary cap format, and you can get live updates on their app, but like Yahoo you pick six golfers, start 4 and have 2 on the bench you can sub in. PGA has 4 segments, and you can pick each golfer a maximum of 3 times in the segment. PGA starts with the fall season....I play both TGC and PGA....I'd like to get a Sandtrap PGA Fantasy League going in the fall. I will gauge interest in October.
  2. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Anyone else get a Yahoo email today saying Yahoo Fantasy golf is back?
  3. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Week off, back up at Quail Hollow. I didn't get to watch the Zurich last year....was in Palm Springs golfing....looking forward to watching the team event this year.
  4. gogolfing

    NHL 2017-2018

    I am relegated to hoping the Habs win the Rasmus Dahlin lottery, however, I am intrigued with a few of the round one match ups in the playoffs. Have an Original six battle between Leafs and Bruins, the battle of Pennsylvania with the Flyers and Pens, and LA vs Vegas...could end up a good rivalry because of proximity, and I want to see if the VGK can replicate their regular season success. I would like to see the Preds win it all this year.
  5. gogolfing

    NFL 2017-2018

    Damn I hope the Eagles beat them after Spy Gate...that's right, I'm not over it!
  6. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    The value of players this week seems disproportionate to last week's event....can get 2 high priced guys then it is slim pickings.....will be interesting.
  7. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I think it will take a bit to see what strategy is best in this format; and yes luck is definitely one of them. I went with 2 high priced guys and then 4 lowered, partly because there is not cut this week. I think next week I may try and get 6 middle of the road guys and see how that works out.
  8. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I am hoping in this League through TGC that they keep the accumulated stats for a season long competition....all the talk on it talks about weekly contests. We will see next week I guess.
  9. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    You’re back at first... see keep the dream alive! I also just checked TGC App and there is a Fantasy Golf tab in the menu so much easier on your phone.
  10. gogolfing

    Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I agree untucked hides the gut, but I feel on the golf course Duf would look more like Carl Spackler than a pro.
  11. gogolfing

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Ken, There is not a team in the League named Humper, and you would have to remove yourself. Perhaps you are listed as one of the generic Golf Channel numerical entries? As Commissioner, I cannot delete your account; you will have to do it through the Golf Channel. Yup, you have dropped to 6th! Obviously the standings in this League are much more fluid than the old Yahoo league.
  12. gogolfing

    Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I'm fine with it on Rickie who can pull it off. If someone like Dufner was wearing it I'd likely have voted differently!
  13. gogolfing

    NHL 2017-2018

    A good listen from Darren Dreger as it pertains to the Habs right now. Habs needs: Top line centre and top 4 D-Men....ya those are easy to find. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/dreger-pacioretty-asking-price-is-steep-1.958847
  14. gogolfing

    Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I used a 9˚ Ping Rapture that had a blue Aldila shaft (can't remember the model) for about 4 years that I was very fond of. I found it long and forgiving. I now have the G Driver with the Ping tour shaft and find it very similar.
  15. Some interesting testing done on the last 5 years worth of drivers from Taylor Made (20, yes 20, drivers in the last 5 years for the company). They are tested on a launch monitor, and the results show very little gain in the newest drivers. 2014 SLDR actually tested out as the longest and there was a 7 yard gain from the 2012 driver to the 2017 M2. Seems buying a few generations ago equipment will do most of just fine. Similar tests also have been done for the major manufacturers.

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