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  1. Yes, I've always noticed this.....perhaps we need to put a proposal together why we need to be writing their weekly picks articles!
  2. Our riots in Canada only happen when a Team loses the Stanley Cup finals, and that is only in Vancouver....which I can see from across the strait while I golf, but as you can see from my profile, I do not cheer for. 😀 On another not @Club Rat from one of your previous posts, I challenge you to come to Canada with an American Express card and finding anywhere that will take it! We're strictly Visa and MC up here....would be the equivalent of showing up with Traveler's Checks.....
  3. @Club Ratcomes out of the gate hot for segment 2! In your next screen shot, put up the season standings 😀
  4. Based on history @Club Rat I hope you kept the receipt 😉
  5. You've been hard at work @Club Ratgot me nervous!
  6. Giving the thread a bump...Segment 2 starts up this week in Maui. For those already signed up, remember to get your roster in. For others, you are welcome to join....you will have missed the first segment, but there are 3 more to go that you can compete in....can try and be top dog for segments, just won't be in the running for the overall season race. Go to first post of the thread to get info on how to sign up.
  7. Perfect....just in time for the next segment to start 😀
  8. My guess it is @Club Rat messing with the system along with his "Super Secret Services". Good luck this week.....then 4 off!
  9. We will have to see what the Fantasy Golf Electoral College has to say about this.....one week for the first segment to be over, but then a little time to regroup and strategize your campaign before Segment #2 starts @Club Rat.....hope springs eternal
  10. One week left to get to the top @Club Rat...choose wisely.
  11. Yes, anyone can get in starting at anytime...and the season is divided into 4 segments, so missing a week hurts the season race, but can still compete for the other segments....I know Rays Creek missed a week last season and still finished 3rd overall in TST League so still possible. Jump on in!
  12. Looking forward to getting the group back for another year, but would be great to get some new blood in the mix to take on @Club Rat
  13. I just checked and still not able to see the Safeway Open in the tournament pull down menu....hopefully it happens later today. Keep checking. PGA Tour does not always make this easy! Whenever someone sees it there, drop a post for the rest of us.
  14. I have done this @iacas and called it 2020-21 TST Fantasy Golf. Hope we are able to build up the numbers, after what was obviously a weird season, this past one. Get back on the wagon @Antneye. Best thing you can do is sign up for the roster alerts; day before you will get a reminder if your roster is set, and you will get an alert if someone misses the cut or WD's.
  15. Who is up for some Fantasy Golf? The 2020-21 season already starts this Thursday with the Safeway Open. Many of The Sand Trap members have been partaking in Fantasy Golf for over a decade now, and we welcome all TST members to join our robust league. In the past, we have played ESPN, then Yahoo, and The Golf Channel fantasy leagues, and have used the PGA Tour Fantasy site since last season; it is fun, engaging, and does not take a lot of time, and from my experience, keeps me more interested in the PGA Tour throughout the season. And TST League is always one of the more competitive o
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