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  1. Wes, you are selling grips and guns, and have done some research with your guns and other make grips. Why not publish what you learned about other make grips when installed with your guns? For instance, who makes grips that will stay on without tape. Golf Pride? Winn? Lamkin? Pure?
  2. The original post: 54.12 and 58.10. The last post: 58.12 and 52.08. Angle and bounce don't seem to be tacking. Am I hearing it right, greater angle for softer and fluffier sand. Lower angle for firmer and packed. What do the two numbers refer to? Can you measure Ps and Ss so you know how they compare to the Ws that are marked?
  3. Yea! This is the kind of experience I was hoping to hear about. Being a 34, I'll take the advice of a 4 handicapper any day. Now, about my swing . . . .
  4. Seems way too easy, though. Why wouldn't everybody be doing it? The Golf Pride Grips I bought went on smoothly and easily on one club. I have been swinging and swinging it to see if it creeps before I do the balance of the set. I wrote Golf Pride to see if they would go on record.
  5. There is lots of advice about regripping golf clubs. Any expert advice available? I bought new grips and for giggles tried one on a clean shaft, no tape. Using a air compressor the grip goes on well, and comes off well. When installed it looks and feels secure. The grip does not wiggle. The size measures right. Is it safe and proper to not use tape and solvent?
  6. Does Couples really have a chance?
  7. When The Golf Channel recently had the opportunity to interview Jack, all they could ask was what Jack thought about Tiger and his bad actions. Why ask those questions? Why not ask about the glory and the good? Why not ask about Tiger on the golf course? Jack was great! He politely avoided the bad stuff and focused on the game of golf, the difference in players, and the excellence of the athlete.
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