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  1. its hard not to like luke donalds chances... coming off a win.. dude is just plain on fire right now..
  2. i had an 80 yesterday at my home course... things were clicking.. i felt like this was going to be the first sub 80 round of the year.. no such luck.. missed some short/easy ones early on... the quest for a break 80 round in 2K11 continues!
  3. COOL.. thanks for the tips... i actually did some work on it this week... putted pretty well yesterday... made some long ones that i usually dont make and the short ones were pretty automatic... i was working on keeping my elbows in too... the light grip pressure is something i havent thought about, but i would imagine im holding on too tight.. ill have to look into it!
  4. what method are you using,. ie grip and anchor point... ive switched to belly this year.. short putts are dynamite... but my distance control at anything over 20 ft is suffering... any tips on how to make this transition smoother??
  5. YEAH... their online support is pretty weak... sent 2 emails.. havent heard back.. that was 5 days ago... i didnt see any options for unlimited when i updated.. i would definitely like to!! maybe ill give em a call today on my lengthy commute... wish me luck!!
  6. anyone else experiencing a lot of scratches on the face of their upro?? mine is so bad that it is very hard to read in any lighting conditions...
  7. ya.. i hit one backwards one time... it was getting dark... hole 18... swung and extremely topped it... it hit into the ground about 10 feet in front of me and immediately came right back at me... ended up about 5 yards behind the tee box... AWESOME! all my college roomates were playing that day... ive never lived that one down
  8. YES.. this im agreeing with.. you guys are putting too much thought into this... its about having FUN!!!
  9. agreed... just a lot of unexplained stuff!! some of the new game tracker features look really cool... not sure if us upro non MX users will have access to any of it... we shall see... anyone else experience the screen of your device getting scratched up almost making it unreadable?? mine is BAD!!
  10. 30 course limit?? does that mean i can only DL 30 promode couses total??
  11. they converted my credits.. actually may have gotten "more"... i cannot find where to purchase new credits... any clue?? $30 unlimited would be amazing!
  12. id really like to use this program... my upro keeps most of my stats already... doesnt account for direction of misses and such... i like not having to carry around a scorecard.. but to totally utilize this program, should i keep track of direction.. it would be easy to transfer my information from upro into this program, but would i be underutlizing the program w/o direcional information and first putt distance info?? i guess what im asking is... if i dont use direction of misses and first putt distances, will this program be kind of useless to me??
  13. i take mine out in the winter... other than that, they are in there!! Like RAGU
  14. euros def have the advantage as far as that is concerned... they are used to the conditions... the americans are kinda spoiled as far as conditions go... we shall see... def some of the most intense golf you will ever see on tv... that is for sure!
  15. who's excited... with poulter/westwood hanging around the top of the leaderboard this week, i realized how pumped i am for this year... gonna be a tough one for us to snag this year... what do you all think... does the us have a chance?