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  1. So very true. Good post.
  2. Too many people are looking back 10 years with the stats, and frankly the poll should have been "Who's better head to head right now...PM or TW? So ask yourself this question: "If you had to place a $5k bet on one or the other tomorrow, who is your money on?" If you say Tiger, you'd be donating your money...
  3. Sorry Tigger fans, but he isn't the same guy he was a few years back. But please keep quoting them stats of yore. This game has changed, and like it or not, Phil's the guy to beat each week now. He'll have that number 1 ranking very soon.
  4. There's something wrong with golf rankings that have a guy #1 that only made the cut in 50% of the tourneys he entered this year. Tiger was a stud for many years, but he's not the same player he was back then. Phil is clearly the guy to beat these days...and he deserves to be #1.
  5. Nope; the best player in the world lost his focus, and that is why he is erratic and inconsistent. If a player isn't putting in the time on the range and greens, no coach is going to be able to help him. Fire Hank Haney...that's just silly.
  6. I went with the new Callaway Diablo Edge stuff; great looking, very forgiving for the high HCer and damn are they long! I am easily 1 to 1.5 clubs longer with these irons than my old zings.
  7. Callaway has completely abandoned the Big Bertha line for 2010; The now have the Diablo Edge line, advertised to be easier to hit (read longer and straighter) than last years Diablos, as well as old BB or Fusions. They seem to be competitively priced as well. There is a great write-up on the Diablo Edge irons from "The Hackers Paradise" under equipment. I'd post the actual link but the system doesn't appreciate me yet...
  8. I've had like results with the e6, and it's quickly become my favorite ball. Please stop outbidding me on EBay for the AAAAAs... ;)
  9. Yes, I usually put the glove on my lead hand and it stays there until I'm done with the round. Not sure why...
  10. HogPilot


    Wow, looking at the age distribution I'd have thought that the over 50 segments would have had the highest percentages.
  11. Senior engineer and program manager
  12. You might want to give the new Callaway Diablo Edge line a look. Here is a great review on them at "the hackers paradise" dot com under equipment. (sorry, 1st post and the system doesn't like the link) I see a lot of the sub 10 HDCP folks recommending you continue on with advanced sticks, and I just don't get that. Seems a better option would be to retire (for now) your current set get some SGI/GI clubs and perhaps some refresher lessons so that you can enjoy the game more. You'll play more if you're less frustrated, and you'll likely refine your swing/tempo too. As you progress with yo
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