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  1. I have financial backing and a job (fiance's family connections) waiting for me if I fail. I completely understand for an ordinary person it is less than a one in a million chance. But don't you think that it is one out of a million that can play scratch golf without practice?
  2. Agreed on it having to be a mission that consumes my life. I suppose my real question is whether my natural ability as evidenced by scratch play without practice gives me a shot at making it given my competition: accomplished college and foreign players who have been winning in competitive settings their entire lives.
  3. I'm brand new to the forum and am sure that many people have posted something similar to this but I feel that I'm in a unique situation and want people's thoughts. I am currently a 26 year old lawyer, but have stumbled upon an opportunity to attempt to devote myself full time to golf for a period of several years in order to try to play professionally. I took up the game at 10, teaching myself to play by reading Golf magazine and broke par on a 6200 yard course when I was 14. However, I was a nationally ranked tennis player and devoted my efforts to that, eventually gaining a scholarship
  4. I hit a drive that looked like it was headed over the net at Chelsea Piers
  5. I'm looking for the same. good luck
  6. improve my putting by 3 putts per round
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