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  1. So I'm studying my Bobby Clampett impact zone. Makes sense and I do think there is something to this idea. (The basic point being, the lowest part of the swing -- deepest part of the divot -- is supposed to be 4 inches ahead of the ball.) I'm working on this with chipping and 50 yard pitches with a lob wedge, and getting it down pretty well -- at least I'm hitting the ball before the ground, and my swing is bottoming out past the ball. It does give a nice solid contact and make the ball jump off the clubface. So far, so good. But I move onto full swings and really struggle. My swing j
  2. Nobody huh? Guess that's a scary price tag.
  3. Has anyone seen the new Bobby Clampett Sybervision Impact Zone DVD? It sounds like some good video footage would address some of the Impact Zone book's shortcomings. But at $250, it had better be good. Any views would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks everybody. Some good stories and thoughts. I think I'll start out with a 2-way putter (so she can play lefty or righty, whichever feels better), a couple of pink golf balls (anything pink is normally a good bet with her), and a nice golf hat and golf shirt. We'll go look around the course, sink a few putts, start learning some etiquette, and get an ice cream afterward.
  5. My daughter will turn 4 this summer. She's big and strong for her age, and says she wants to golf with me. I'd like to introduce her to the game. Would be interested in hearing the experiences of others. For starters, I know: just have fun, don't force her, etc. I think I'm ok there. I'm more interested in hearing specific advice about teaching a 4-year-old. Like, what are the first fundamentals a child of that age should learn? Should we start with putting only (or should we avoid putting until later)? Are there any specific drills (or rather, learning games) that people have had success
  6. Has anyone seen the new Clampett Sybervision Impact Zone DVD? Sounds like some good video would address some of the book's shortcomings. But at $250, it had better be good. Any views would be appreciated.
  7. Lawyer, practicing EU law in Brussels.
  8. 96 on the American Course at La Tournette in Nivelles, Belgium. After a par-par start. Not pretty. My first time on the course, a very nice track.
  9. Long downhill par 3, water left, into strong wind. Nice 5-iron lands just short in hollow in front of green. Others in foursome wet and in the trees. Pitch and run uphill, right to left, bit of check, into the hole for a 2. Others in the group were 5, 5, 6.
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