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  1. My apologies, drglew, didn't mean to turn this into a Seinfeld thread. Saw the Keith Hernandez "magic loogy" episode the other day... Hi-larious. Cheers, DoctorK
  2. I like that bunker style too. I'm a big fan of Mackenzie-type bunkering adopted by a lot of modern architects (Tom Doak et al). Nice, natural look. Cheers, DoctorK
  3. "Hey, if Tiger can do it..." "Trees are 90 percent air..." "Don't leave it short, don't leave it short, don't leave it short..." "8-iron is plenty of club to carry that bunker..." Good thread, Stretch! Cheers, DoctorK
  4. Amen, Guy Icognito! I am way too impatient to go through all that. Drives me nuts! I want to go straight to my ball - only way to ensure that is by walking (or riding solo). Cheers, DoctorK
  5. Wow - that's -1 for nine holes without a single par! And -4 for the final seven holes with two bogeys! Never seen a round like that myself. Cheers, DoctorK
  6. Great bait-and-switch with that thread header! We've all had days like that, relatively speaking. Heck, I've had rounds where I was positively cruising with only a few holes to play, and suddenly lost all ability to make contact on a simple chip shot. No rhyme or reason, just golf... Gotta love it. Cheers, DoctorK
  7. I consider myself a diehard and must admit that golf is only must-see TV when Tiger's in the field. He's added an excitement level the game didn't have before him, and doesn't have without him. Yes, Phil is great to watch, as are several of the young guns. But no one can touch Tiger for sheer thrills. For that matter, I enjoy watching when he has a sizeable lead, just to marvel at his surgical skill and wonder how he remains so impervious to the pressure that affects everyone else. Cheers, DoctorK
  8. Congrats, JCP - picked a great place to do it, too, from what I hear and see. Deltona looks stunning in photos, not to mention tough! Imagine you avoided most of those nasty bunkers. Cheers, DoctorK
  9. Reminds me of the "Seinfeld" episode where Kramer was hitting balls from the beach into the ocean... A whale happened to wash ashore and, one thing leading to another, George ended up plucking a Titleist from the beast's blowhole. I'd say that scenario was more likely than BP plugging the gusher with golf balls and other trash. Sad, sad, sad. DoctorK
  10. I've learned, through much trial and error, not to attempt hero shots that are outside my limited capabilities. That said, there's nothing more fun or rewarding than conceiving a hero shot and pulling it off. Makes you feel like, you know, a hero. For me, when I take the worst-case-scenario out of play and attempt a relatively "safe" hero shot, it's almost more thrilling to pull it off -- knowing that I was smart enough not to go for the full hero treatment, but still skilled enough to achieve something with a high degree of difficulty. Good thread, thanks Ash. DoctorK
  11. Forgot to take the opportunity in my previous post... I link to this site whenever the chance presents: The Walking Golfer Cheers, DoctorK
  12. Great stuff... I noticed the lower-body action, too, and wonder if he could do that now given his knee condition. In fact, I recall him saying he and Hank changed his swing partly to make it easier on his knee, and that was pre-ACL surgery. All the hullabaloo with his off-course antics aside, I must say I miss watching the guy play. I don't care what anyone says, golf is just not the same without him. DoctorK
  13. That is truly striking, my fellow Doc. Not to mention disturbing, as it relates to your experience. Any idea what the USGA considers an "exceptional tournament score"? The second chart was way beyond my statistical comprehension, but the first chart told me all I needed to know. Sandbaggers are evil! DoctorK
  14. I'm a walker to the core and have never owned a push/pull cart. But I've started realizing that carrying my bag takes a noticeable as the round goes on - my scores for the final 6 holes when I walk is a stark contrast to the first 12 holes. It's exacerbated on hot days, or hilly courses, etc. After my most recent round I told the missus I was gonna break down and get an "old-man push cart." Honestly think it will bring my handicap down, but we shall see. Cheers, DoctorK
  15. Ask me again in 15 years... Personally, I say Tiger has already established himself as the greatest ever. Nicklaus' 18 majors is just a number, signifying a longer period of greatness than Tiger can currently claim. But if TW never wins another major it will clearly be a result of injuries and personal issues, not shortcomings as a golfer, that caused him to fall shy of Jack's mark. Tiger's achievements to date - including double-digit wins at the Masters and US Open -- surpass Jack's at the same period in their careers. And it's not like TW's only been around for a couple of years. Tiger at his best was better than Jack at his best, primarily because TW's short game was MILES superior. And why is this argument based around one number only - 18? The other events count, too, and TW has already won almost as many total tourneys as Jack - not to mention one more US Amateur and three US Junior Ams. Anyway, I realize there's an entire thread devoted to Tiger vs. Jack arguments. But hey, I've already posted there. Cheers, DoctorK
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