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  1. You do alot of things right. Your upper body turns against your lower body on the back swing and you work from the ground up on your down swing which is good. From the DTL view I can tell that your a little underneath the plane but all in all not bad. Your grip my be causing you to hit it high and thin. Try a stronger or more neutral grip. I bet it helps your ball striking.
  2. Here is my swing revised a little since last time. I am still working very hard and have a picture in my mind of what I want my swing to look like in the end. I no it still needs lots of work. I am a perfectionist haha. Making this swing change really put me out of my comfort zone. I started shooting in the 80s! But now I am hitting it better than before! My patterns are much tighter and my swing is much smoother. I am using lots less hands! Let me know what you think! I have a DTL view that I am posting this afternoon. I know it is much easier to teach from a DTL view.
  3. Two things that are most important.... First- your plane is definitely too flat. You should read Hank Haney's book on swing plane. It will really show you the correct path that the club should be on. To start the backswing you should hinge the club in front of you while blending in a turn at the same time. This will keep you on a better plane. Second- The best way to correct your flipping motion at impact is to bow your left wrist at impact. Have your left wrist bowed and pointed at the target then push it through impact instead of flipping it. This is something that has really helped improve my ballstriking. However, when you do this do not forget about controlling your clubface with your right hand. Your swing definitely has potential...
  4. Yea man IDK. I am going to guess that his unreal flexibility has something to do with it. The funny thing is he never had a swing coach. I bet if he would have had a swing coach he would have been taught the traditional ways of swinging and would not be half as good as he is now. haha but who knows. BTW I am almost 6'3 and can't even come close to dunking. haha I guess I wasnt blessed with leaps. However, I can throw I baseball 90mph. I am ex D1/pro player. I actually tried dunking yesterday and failed miserably. And I am have where you are with my club distances. Not even close to 180.
  5. Did anyone catch Lee Westwoods quote on golf channel yesterday?? He said something along the lines of....."If anyone is stupid enough to think that Tiger will not come back and regain world dominance then they are crazy"
  6. My two cents on the whole Tiger situation.... First, I have several friends that are on the PGA tour that know Tiger first hand. As far as the cheating on the wife thing is concerned....Tiger has not done half of what a big majority of the PGA tour players do. Yes, he cheated on his wife! Yes, it was wrong! For people that cannot get over that then that is obviously your own problem. My PGA tour buddies told me that well over half of the tour players cheat on there wives at tournaments. They also told me that the media blew a bunch of the Tiger issue out of proportion. He is obviously in the lime light so there for his mistakes show up more so than other players. And for those of you are thinking it.... I am not saying it is right to go out and cheat on your spouse. I personally don't care what you, TW, or anyone else does in there personal life. second, Tiger is a champion. He always has been. His problems on the course right now are not all in his head. They are more in his swing mechanics. He his trying to make some major mechanical changes to become better. Tiger will become the world #1 again, he will win more majors, and he will go on to be the greatest player to ever play the game.
  7. You have a pretty dang good swing plane. Where are most of your misses? Your take back is sometimes a little bit underneath the plane it should be on but all in all pretty good. You may need to extend your right arm and point it more toward your target on the follow through. Looks good. I am curious to know where you miss when you do? Do you ever have a tendancy to pull your driver left? Not a hook but more like a straight ball pull.
  8. I am going to approach this question a little differently. Keep in mind first and for most that this is not coming from me. I am not a golf instructor nor do I claim to be. However, I take lessons from some of the top golf instructors in the country and have learned alot about the game in a short period of time. On my very first golf lesson I asked my golf instructor the exact same question you are asking this forum. I said..." Why do I hit the ball so good on the range and why do I consistantley shoot in the low 70s when I am playing by myself or with a buddy but I am a mid 80s shooter under pressure? Is it mental? He said and I quote..." No it is your swing mechanics. Your mechanics are not good enough to withstand pressure. When the heat is turned up your mechanics fail. It has nothing to do with your mental game. It has to do with your swing. So lets get it right so when the heat is turned up you dont fall apart" Boy was he right....my mechanics are now 100 percent better and I can now shoot those low scores in tournaments. Think about it....If your mechanics were great, you would know without a shadow of a doubt that you can go out on the course and no matter what situation you are in your mechanics are not going to let you down.
  9. Your plane is off man. That is the thing you need to concentrate on first. You are coming way underneath the shaft of your club. If I could somehow draw a line from the shaft up through your body you would see just how far underneath you are taking the club. To start the backswing....try hinging the club in front of you with your wrist while blending in a turn at the same time. This should help get you back on plane. Your swing doesnt look all that bad. Before working on correcting all those little mistakes get your plane right first.
  10. Bubba is truly an amazing talent. He is from my hometown so I have seen him play many times. Most people do not realize how athletic he is. He could throw a baseball 90mph from the left side, dunk a basketball in highschool, and he is obviously one of the most flexible players on tour. What a fun player to watch!
  11. Thank you for the comments guys. I have a DTL swing coming. HAVOC- You are 100% correct. I have watched enough pro swings on youtube to see that my take back needs work. It is difficult for me to make a change because I can go out and shoot mid to low 70's consistantly. I know that if I try to change and get out of my comfort zone I may lose my game for a while. However, that change is much needed to take my game to the next level. My take back is something that I have had in the back of my mind for a while and I needed to hear that from someone else. I am going to mess with it for sure. Distance is not an issue with me at all but I could use some more control. Thanks for your comment. Quinn 07- I am an ex D1 college and Pro baseball player and ballstriking comes easy to me. I guess that is why I picked up the game so quick. Idk though. My first 18 hole round I shot an 88. Once I figured out my short game shooting in the low 70s became pretty easy.
  12. This is my before swing. My new swing is at the bottom of the page after several changes. Going through changing my swing was very hard. I stopped shooting in the 70s. In fact, I stopped playing all together. It was king of frustrating. Now I no how Tiger is feeling. haha. Well, now that I am comfortable with this new swing I am hitting the ball much better and have started dropping my scores again. Thank God! I am lots less handsy now and much smoother. My patterns have really gotten tight lately!
  13. Thanks man! I no that sounds crazy to drop so fast but it's the honest truth. I was a former D1/pro baseball player so I had natural ability. I just could not figure out how to transfer my driving range success onto the course. I had a bunch of people tell me that I strike the ball similar to a pro golfer on the range but on the course I would hit hooks, fades, fat shots, thin shots, and everything in between. It got so frustrating that I almost quit the game. One day I had a friend of mine tell me to go out and play 18 today and approach the game with ease. He said dont think about your swing, dont hit range balls just play. I went out that day with intentions to swing much easier than normal and play easy golf. Ever since then I have been a very good player. My moto now is " Im just going to go out and punch it around the course" And thats what I do. I never try and muscle up on a shot, and never try to do anything that is not within my ability. I just try and play the game very easy and stay within myself. Try that...It may work for you.
  14. Pretty solid mechanics. Can definitley see why your a 4.
  15. Today I went in between a strong and neutral grip and shot -1. This was the best I have ever struck the ball in my life. Everything was flushed. I am going to stick with this for sure.
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