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  1. All I will say is, no wonder he has back issues
  2. Trying to slow my backswing down and get it less flat....still too fast and still too flat. Also trying to figure out why my irons are short. I have a decent clubhead speed ~115mph with driver, and good distance, but my irons don't seem to be going as far as they should. I should probably get a face on view to see if I'm flipping. This shot was actually decent. 6 iron 190, flush, but blocked it.
  3. I have a few: Replacing my 3 iron with a 3 Hybrid Buying a 12.5* driver and adjusting it to 14* to help me drive the ball higher, rather than fix my swing ( adjusted 3H and 3W to max loft also ) When I bought my TM RSI1 Irons ( semi game improvement ) I ditched my stand bag and bought a cart bag once I realised I would never walk a course I'll replace my putter if I find a good deal and like the style, no questions asked. Pretty much never watch golf except for majors or unless Tiger is playing....so pretty much just majors, for now. Also....I bought the VR_S Covert
  4. Watching Rory hit a drive, plus the sound of it is addictive.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have my old clubs. I may just have to go see a fitter and test some other shafts out
  6. Heck of a bump here....I recently purchased some RSI 1's that came with 90g shafts. My old iron shafts were 105g....and now I feel my contact is nowhere near as consistent as it used to be. I have a fast swing ( 110ish mph...and my back swing is a little quick too ) so I am curious if having a faster swing with lighter shafts could cause the club to drift around a bit during the swing. I've also been dealing with the shanks lately, and am curious if a lighter shaft could exacerbate this as well ( I have a flat swing which I am aware is the main cause ) My past 3 sets of irons have al
  7. I cringe when I go golfing and I hear other players say "well it's gotta break towards the water" or "it's gotta break away from the mountains". There is a guy named Paul Horton here in Calgary that does AimPoint lessons...it's tempting, but it's also $210.
  8. No. 5 at Heritage Pointe ( Pointe Course) Calgary., AB. 454Y Par 5. Rated hardest hole on the course ( 36 holes ) It's not a long par 5, but almost impossible to get to in two shots. You can't hit driver off the tee as you can't cut the corner because it's a giant hill with pine trees on it, and there's just too much danger around the corner anyway. So you tee off with a 200ish yard club, then you can attempt to go for it in 2 with a 3 Wood or a hard hybrid but good luck being able to stop it on the green. The problem being, is the green is elevated about 50 feet. It's a small green
  9. I see. So more steep/vertical. Thanks! I will work on this.
  10. Thanks iacas. When you say "keep your hands more in front of your shirt buttons", at which part of the swing should I be doing this?
  11. Thanks Shindig - I have added the video to my swing thread
  12. I have been fighting the shanks for 3 rounds in a row...all 100+ scores. previous rounds to this were in high 70's low 80's. No idea what to do.
  13. Hi All, Long time, no post.... I am at my wits end. I started the year off with solid rounds of high 70's and low 80's. Was hitting it well, but the last 3 rounds I have played have been 100+ because I have the shanks. Bad. From driving to chipping. I have tried standing further form the ball. I have tried addressing with the ball on the toe of the club. I am too embarrassed to go to the range at this point ( although I know I need to in order to fix this ). Here is the most recent video of my swing. Not an ideal angle, but it;s all I have at the moment. I have had shanks in the past
  14. Maybe that was the god he was referring to? Or one of the other 4000+
  15. What did your ass falling off mean to you? and how does it feel to be without an ass?
  16. Good on him for winning, he seems like a nice guy, but thanking the lord is inappropriate. Yes, your god cares about a multi millionaire winning more millions and a golf tournament, while in other parts of the world...... On a side note, Leishman is a super cool guy.
  17. Nice to close with 3 birdies after that double. GG Tiger
  18. 2 weeks later and he's striping it. Hopefully can keep it together for the round/week
  19. Lowest round of my life this weekend. 77 ( 37/40 ) Only 1 birdie - 210 yard par 3, 5 iron to 2 feet. A LOT of up and down pars. Unexpected really because I haven't played much lately, and my previous round before this one was a grinding, messy 87.
  20. Congrats to Spieth. I really wanted DJ to make that eagle putt, or at worst the birdie for a playoff today, but so be it!
  21. Many are going to disagree with me on this, but majors don't feel like majors with Tiger missing from the weekend...maybe I should get used to it though
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