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  1. I swear I've pulled my sand wedge on the tee. The ball went straight up and only 100 yards
  2. Well it seems the maintenance is out of your budget - so maybe a car instead?
  3. I think this is what I'm struggling with. My tempo and rhythm go down the sink and I struggle to find it again. See what happens this weekend!
  4. Nothing really. I'm out with friends - so were gonna talk, laugh and give each other shit.
  5. Hi all, The last 3 rounds, I have had great front nines ( 38, 39, 38 ). Hitting it solid tee to green. Then I get on the back nine and it all goes to crap. ( 45, 45, 46 ). Putting has been consistently good ( may have saved me from the 50's in those back nines ). I've been taking lessons - and they have helped a lot - no doubt about it. But I can not figure out why I feel like I lose my swing on the back nine. I get uncomfortable over the ball and lose any commitment to the swing Is this just part of re working a swing - anyone else ever go through this? I'll take low 80's any day - but when I play so well on the front - the 83/84 feels like crap :)
  6. 84 - 39/45 Great front nine - terrible back nine with two triple bogeys - bad bunker play/putting and a little but of bad luck Lessons are certainly helping - my misses are narrower. Need to book a putting lesson and work on my bunker play - losing 5-6 shots a round in these areas
  7. Would love to see a close up of that sandy rough area on the fairway edges. I'm picking Sergio
  8. Playing in a tournament. First hole. I kinda thought I needed to fart, but swung anyway, and farted after impact quite loudly. Had only known the guys 10 minutes but we all laughed and carried on
  9. Any advice appreciated. Last Tuesday, went and shot a 98, constantly leaving it in the green side bunkers, or putting it over the green. Went out Friday, same course, only hit one bunker and shot an 80. I hit the green side bunker on the second hole and made a 7 - again, three shots to get it on the green ( nowhere near the hole ) I need serious help on technique. Currently, I place the ball of front foot, open my stance - have club pointing at target, and swing. How should I hinge? Should I at all? etc etc
  10. Anyone know her distances? It seems unreal an 11 year old girl can have the length to shoot a 68.....crazy I've seen some really talented kids at the range that make me want to quit golf in shame.
  11. Slowing down my backswing - a lot. In my lessons we worked on this, getting the same distance, but hitting the ball much cleaner. This is also helping me to shallow out my swing as it can get steep and over the top when I get fast
  12. With all the first time "nobody's" winning, how do you find the PGA Tour this year? Personally, I've found it a little lackluster. I'm sure many disagree, but it's missing big names doing anything on the weekends.
  13. Well I had a tournament last weekend. First two days were fine, by the last day I was back to my steep swing ( hitting it fat ) and pulling everything left...couldnt figure it out on the course so gotta go back for another lesson and more range timer.
  14. So what does it mean when you hold them open ( like I do ). What feeling can a player use to get rid of this?
  15. Great video - will watch that a few times I think.
  16. Good work from Ko - her demeanor is amazing. That shot on 18 was legit.
  17. Large Nike golf glove, grey Nike 32x32 dri fit pants, red nike polo, groove cleaner for clubs
  18. Arnold Palmer is the one golfer I would like to meet the most. He's very honest and to the point - and when he talks about his fans and his appreciation for them, you know he is genuinely thankful for everything golf has given him.
  19. When both teams are all in their titans it gets pretty intense. The only thing I wish they would have added was the ability for the titans to jump
  20. Anyone played Titanfall? Been playing it on PC - it's A LOT of fun. It's a game where you can just jump right in and have fun. Graphics are decent but not amazing ( running on 10 year old Steam engine ). But the gameplay is where it shines...running along walls, cloaking, jumping on top of enemy titans, melee with your won titan......It's on sale right ow, suggest you pick it up if you have a XBOX or PC Here is the trailer
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