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  1. I think you are looking in the wrong place. Tell the model ( who ever she is ) to remove her wet self from your face - as you probably won't find any sunglasses up 'there'
  2. I value your opinion - but this thread may stretch to around 500 pages at this rate I'm out To clarify - I have no problem with any religious person simply because they are religious, and I probably offended some ( both religious and non religious ). I apologize, but your faith is as strong as my lack thereof.
  3. Another movement in the right direction http://www.richarddawkins.net/news_articles/2014/4/15/new-scouts-pledge-welcomes-non-believers#
  4. Lack of education, lack of freedom of speech, religious oppression, extremism, fear mongering - to name a few.
  5. Everyone is not gay, so what's your point? Everyone's not straight either, and we're doing just fine. Where would the world be without religion? Quick answer......1000 years further advanced - we could be curing cancer and aids if it wasn't for the dark ages.
  6. Of course the bible isn't a religion. Like you said, it's a guideline. And every decade, those guidelines get looser and looser depending on what we as a people deem acceptable amnd what science proves as fact. the Bible was written with yesterdays knowledge, we knew a lot less....religion was invented to try and answer questions society back then did not have answers for. "Childbirth is painful because a woman listened to a talking snake' Leviticus 20:13 - If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They
  7. Well we aren't getting anywhere - because anything bad to come from the bible is 'taken out of context' and anything good is just pure bible truth correct? How can anyone take this serious when the people who follow such beliefs don't either? This is specifically why christianity as a whole is dying
  8. Please. This 'argument' has been used only in modern times to dispose of any wrong doings that may occur in what we deem modern society. 500 years ago - there was no talk of context and the bible. Acts were taken BECAUSE of the bible. People were stoned, people were burned and murdered because of the bible. Because we now deem this not acceptable, the religious tout these parts of the bible as now being taken out of context. There seems to be these 30% christian folks. They claim to be christian, attend church one a year, celebrate pagan holidays, read sections of the bible, take what t
  9. Homosexuality is not a religion. Homosexuality is not a choice. Homosexuality is not a multi billion dollar corrupt regime that still puts its hand out for more. Homosexuality is not fear mongering. Homosexuality is two people of the same gender that are attracted to one another.
  10. There are worse things said in the bible. But for many, the bible is considered the truth no matter how disgusting and shocking the subject or content, where my words are just an opinion.
  11. Quote: If Bubba is religious and wants to share that part of his personal life with others why is it any different than John Daly sharing his passion for food, booze, cigarettes and women. There seems to be little tolerance towards those who are committed to their religion. There is a big difference here. One promotes sexism, homophobia, slavery and prejudices One of them promotes bad habits I think, to conclude - the person promoting does not bother me, the religion bothers me. The same way I hate cancer, but not people with can
  12. Why does he have a TM wood? Seems odd to not carry a Titleist version
  13. Being a man has nothing to do with crying or not. If I was Welsh, I'd probably cry at the state of my national rugby team.
  14. He probably cries when he wins a game of scrabble - so no, it will never stop. In all honesty, doesn't really bother me as I have no idea what it would feel like to win a tour event, let alone a major.
  15. 1. Never said he was a bad dude. Don't put words in my mouth. Regardless of whether he paid for it, we are reminded how Bubba is so genuine and down to earth - none of which he comes across as....especially sporting a half million dollar piece of jewellery. 2. Yes it separates him from the field, but it still doesn't make him a 'peoples' player 3. Fair enough
  16. A lot. Especially when you;re just starting off.
  17. No tears here - but a good moment no doubt. This is not the tin cup, this is a multi millionaire guy who wears a $500,000 watch on his wrist. This is not an everyday man. People have this notion that because Bubba's name is unique, that he is quirky and never had a swing coach means he is an every day man...a 'peoples' player.....to try and make any connection between Bubba and a weekend warrior is nonsense. Bubba did do it his way - but it is not unique, and there is nothing about Bubba that makes him a 'peoples' champ any more than any other player.
  18. Day 15, no cigarettes. Used patch for the first 24 hours, but gave me messed up dreams so went cold turkey For some reason quitting this time was MUCH easier than before. We just moved into our new house, so a lot of my habits/routines I could break in my new surroundings which helped
  19. In Calgary, they cost far too much and start too early. The cheaper leagues are out of the city, and last tee time is at 5:30pm - I would have to park and sprint to the teebox to make it I'm stuck playing weekends at $110 a round
  20. I have always lined up my putts with the marks on a ball. I might try and not use them this year.
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