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  1. Played for 4 years. I would get lessons immediately so get he correct setup, posture, grip and alignment - and I would keep getting lessons every week at least for the first year.
  2. Stricker, Fowler and Els always come across as good guys
  3. Oh Bubba....when you are referring to the player you just played 18 holes with, use their name, not 'he'.
  4. I'll start a new 'is he arrogant?' thread
  5. Front 9 was good today. Rest of the tournament? Meh.
  6. Yeah wasnt very exciting this year
  7. Good on him...but seriously needs to a hold of his blubbering
  8. Prepare for crying and gospel in 5 minutes......
  9. Is a draw harder to keep in the air? [video]https://youtu.be/-vvtzuW6oc0[/video]
  10. Scott now back to 3 under.....weekend is gon' be good
  11. Scott has brought it back to 2 under.
  12. I think Rory burns the edges of more holes than a hot curry
  13. No wonder they score better than me- I never get those f*cking breaks. If that was my ball, it would be buried in a wild boars ass sitting in the thistles.
  14. Patrick Reed into 12: "BITE....BITE...GET DOWN" *Ball lands in bunker short of green* Back to Reed: "Yeah, great f*cking call"
  15. Completely ignorant, condescending bitch from CNN
  16. I'm sure ( as a Canadian ) Weir apologized immediately to his caddie
  17. John Senden is getting amongst it @ -3
  18. Correct. Wasn't clever for Reed to say it the first time, let alone all the others
  19. Watching Bubba on the 18th was the most infuriating thing ever. He needs to be slapped when he starts whining like that.
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