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  1. Adams A7 OS or Nike Slingshots in my opinion. Slingshots have done wonders for me. Nice wide soles really help, and they get the ball up so well, weather you hit it on the toe or center of the face.
  2. Bruins! I have faith, now that the Flames are gone.
  3. I have been reading this too....what a shame....people are gonna lose their jobs!
  4. 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero, 230hp, and big boot space.
  5. I hit my driver on average around 270-280, now with a slight draw. Of course I have hit it around 330, and I have hit it about 10....so...its somewhere in the middle :D
  6. I always check my heels to make sure I am aiming at the target, thanks for some more tips, I will get that video ASAP and then know where I'm at!
  7. Hi guys, I had been having issues with my 6 iron and driver slicing ( 3, 4, and 5 are hybrids that I don't slice ). Today I went to the range again to work on it and I got rid of it entirely by swinging like I am drawing the ball ( although it does draw, only about 5 yards of draw ). Now, what I am trying to find out is, is this a normal swing plane? Because I am swinging like a draw, but using a little less wrist on impact , and when I do turn my wrists it draws even further.....or is this just counter productive? And should I stop doing this? My ball flight height has also increased su
  8. Hey micro you're from NZ? I just moved from NZ to Canada, and the difference in prices are ridiculous. Is the golf warehouse still around in NZ? I wouldn't mind paying a little extra at a local, but I don't know of any so Golftown it is!
  9. You need to stick your bum out more as you're a bit straight. Your wrists also look a bit loose at take away. You're a tall guy too, so widening your stance a bit may help. Other than that your swing is pretty nice buddy!
  10. nice one, its a good feeling eh? its those good shots that bring us back to the course. keep at it!
  11. * start shooting low 80s consistently * takemore lessons * focus more time on putting * custom fit my clubs and get a stiff shaft for my driver!!!
  12. I broke 100 on my 3rd round, but it took me a long time to break 90, around 9 months of golf. Now I am chasing the lucrative 79, but that won;t happen for a LONG time. Seeing as I still hit the 90s occasionally.
  13. I used to own some horrible no name irons when i first started and they were tinny and hard to hit. I never thought much of it ( thought it was me ) and recently I got some Nike Slingshots, and wow, what a difference, since owning them I have hit some x20s etc, but for me, with a high handicap, Slingshots are amazing. I lose a couple yards though because the ball flight is higher than others, but they are easy to hit But I agree that Adams make some great forgiving clubs, and if I didn't have the Slingshots, Adams would be my next choice.
  14. Are you choking down on your club too much? Try grip it a little higher, and keep the balance on the balls of your feet. Do you feel that you're leaning back at all? You could try slow down your swing slightly also and see if that helps
  15. I have thought about doing this as well, trying to find somewhere in Calgary is hard, rather than buying a camera
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