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  1. Likely no majors then. Another missed year.
  2. Can someone explain what happened?
  3. No, because Bubba will blame someone other than himself - and I cringe watching him do that
  4. Not a fan of Steve Williams. Michael Campbell was relevant.
  5. Post your favourite sites to visit www.uncrate.com - where I spend vast amounts of money www.rockbottomgolf.com - where I spend vast amounts fo money www.thisiswhyimbroke.com - Another place to waster money www.gizmodo.com - Tech blog website
  6. +2 is about right I wouldn't mind seeing Marc Leishman win. As a Kiwi, I should despise all these recent Aussie wins, but seeing as NZ has no decent presence on the PGA Tour.............................Aussies will do
  7. But won't he want to beat Jack;s 8 majors on the champions tour?
  8. I was thinking yesterday for the ceremonial tee shots.....if the time comes when Tiger is old, and they ask him to be a part of it......would he be the type of guy who would? Or do you think ocne he retires he is off the radar and not to be bothered by anyone?
  9. Gotta hit a HIGH ball there.....
  10. Two pairs of OGIO pants and a Medicus Vision Track Pro
  11. My pick in the driver contest is at home with his feet up
  12. I really hope Stricker and Els play well. Hopefully Bubba falls to the wayside. Just don't like his pissy attitude - especially to his caddy.
  13. Phil wedged it into the water on 15
  14. Lee Westwood In the trees "I hope they got rid of all the snakes' lol
  15. Well when you hit it in the ponds and trees........
  16. Ok, I was imagining you wearing something like these around the office: Yes, golf shoes would have more grip in wet grassy hills, but not necessary, depending on the sneaker. Maybe the hills at Augusta are steeper than I am aware of - but I've never experienced grass that slippery and I come from this place But maybe one day I'll slip on my ass at Augusta, if I'm ever lucky enough to go
  17. Rose just bombed one down 13....
  18. Phil after making any sort of putt or shot - add in small head nod between each hat tip
  19. I don't know what shoes you guys are wearing ( bowling shoes? ) but a sports shoe would suffice if you are commonly slipping everywhere you walk?
  20. Tiger is at home doing this: And hes wondering if a win still counts
  21. So normal sneakers do not have the grip required to walk around Augusta as a spectator? I very much doubt this as I've yet to see any caddies fall over.
  22. I think the biggest dorks in the world are spectators who wear golf shoes.....
  23. Maybe that's why Kuch chose those Tan's
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