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  1. I have tried multiple versions of fitted hats - the problem being that they are too narrow at the front, whereas baseball hats are wider. My forehead is 'pronounced' so I need all the help I can get form a wider hat.
  2. I have to wear baseball team hats - baseball style golf hats do not come in my size which is bigger than most. ie. Nike's Large/X-Large does not fit my head.
  3. Spieth, Reed and McIlroy - that is a good group.
  4. Nothing, but she's obviously interested in fitness, which is what the Golf Digest article is about.
  5. Wear clothes that fit. Shut the hell up when appropriate Turn up on time - ie. at least 15 minutes before tee time, not at your tee time
  6. I think people are under estimating the difficulty I think I would shoot around 110, or around 25-30 strokes higher than normal. I played one of Alberta's toughest courses ( 142 slope, 75 rating and 7500 yards ) and shot 98 Augusta would make that look like a picnic
  7. New Zealand Lamb Shanks Mashed potatoes and Mashed Kumara Roasted Asparagus with butter Tuatara Pilsner Beer or Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Pavlova ( we invented it - NOT THE AUSSIES )
  8. Went to an outdoor range for the first time this year. Some courses are trying to open this week, so may even play next weekend....
  9. Went to the range for the first time this year ( warm enough outside ). My ball flight has changed DRASTICALLY. Much, much MUCH higher than I have ever hit it. This new swing is going to take a while to ingrain itself, as I feel like I did 4 years ago when I started golf....lots of mishits My miss is now a hook, rather than a pull - but the hook at least starts right of my target I have a tournament in 2ish weeks, need to really hit the range a lot until that point. I have 2 more lessons before the tournament too which will help. LOVING MY NEW SWING
  10. Made some good progress today both on my impact position and my swing plane. When I have the feeling of 'snapping' my left knee into place I get a much nicer impact position. Working on slowing my swing WAY down as well. I felt as if I was swinging 60-70 percent of my full swing, with a more in to out path, and was hitting my 7 iron 170ish yards, which is plenty. Once I get more comfortable with these feelings, I should be able to get more out of it too. Before( left ) and after ( right ) impact positions: And position just after impact
  11. Thanks Erik - how can I alleviate this? Slide the hips? More weight on left foot?
  12. Hey guys, I have real trouble getting on top of my left foot properly at the end of my swing. I can end up with my weight on that foot, but I lean to the right, and sometimes lose balance and fall that same way What is causing me to do this? What can I do to stand more upright at the end with more balance? My swing Vs Tigers Any drills would be appreciated
  13. I was practicing in the basement last night - cursing violently at my god damn f*cking sh!t takeaway,
  14. You mean game play wise or graphics wise? I hope you don't mean graphics - because it's clearly better.
  15. Heres another video....the design aspect looks really promising. You can download other peoples designs...someone out there will take the time to design some notable courses ( Augusta, Torrey etc )
  16. Favourites: "JESUS F*CKING CHRIST" "That was piss and sh*t" - Spartacus Reference "PERFECT!!!!..........example of a f*cking terrible golf shot" "Once again the golf gods ram cock in f*cking ass" - Spartacus Reference
  17. It's finally warming up in Calgary.....nice to see rain icon used on Sunday forecast instead of snow.....and 22 degrees on Tuesday I have a golf tournament in 3 weeks in B.C....hopefully weather holds up
  18. http://deadspin.com/at-least-the-tiger-woods-bullshit-machine-is-as-healthy-1557007267 Interesting article. . .
  19. The best rugby to watch is always between the Springboks and the ABs This was the greatest test match I have ever seen:
  20. No Idea. If you watch the exhibition match he played with Rory in October ( where they both got mic'd up ) - he mentions to Rory how bad his back is. Maybe he ( they ) were unaware of how severe it was
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