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  1. Visuals are nice and course designer looks amazing Gameplay Vid Course Designer:
  2. Age has little to do with it. I'm 27, have a herniated disc ( skateboarding ) and lack of cartilage in both knees ( skateboarding ) both causing debilitating pain. My lifestyle caused the issues I have, and most likely, the same for Tiger if stories of his navy seal training regiment etc are true. Tiger may look in shape, and gets there by working out, but working out can do serious damage on joints, bones, ligaments etc
  3. So what do all the people that said he was faking it say now?
  4. Phil. Pants too baggy, shirts too tight. I don't need Phil's nipples telling me the temperature at the tournament location.
  5. That's pretty awesome. Only caught an edge once!!!
  6. Uses the same music as the surfing video This is still the greatest skateboarding film ever made
  7. Another tournament with absolutely nothing exciting about it. This year has been a blowout so far. Crappy Sunday golf won the tournament.
  8. Patrick Reed only shot -3? Surprising, as he's won 3 times on tour in the last 7 months, won the 2006 Junior British open, led University High to state championships in both 2006 and 2007, won the state medalist honors in 2007, and he earned Rolex AJGA All-America honors in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Then he helped lead Augusta State to NCAA Division I Golf Championship in 2010 and 2011 and also advanced to the semifinals of the 2008 U.S. Amateur. Also, he's a top 5 player in the world, so I expected a lot more.
  9. Would loved to have seen his reaction. No doubt his caddies fault, or the crowds, or something other than himself
  10. Agreed. I think Rory may have gone about it the wrong way too. I think I would inform the other player, let him know I am going to move on to the next hole, shake his hand and be done with it, rather than storm off.
  11. I think I would snap if I played with someone that slow. Or just leave him behind.
  12. Talormade will be all over this Taylormade WETR. Built in squirter to douse fires.
  13. Anyone else get 2 layers of sound on the live@ stream? I have to mute the sound to remove one of the layers. Using Firefox
  14. True, but less significant in Golf than contact sports. Rugby players often don't disclose injuries, because you can guarantee in a tackle or in the ruck, any weakness another player knows about will get some 'extra attention'. Maybe he hurt it doing some crazy 'downhill skiing while having sex at the same time' adventure with Vonn
  15. When I'm playing, when I'm in my office, when I'm driving, when I'm lying in bed. It has ruined my life.
  16. Read a good article on golf channel regarding Tiger and his injuries and how the public treat him so differently. To sum it up, we criticize and question Tiger for withdrawing from tournaments, and for being injured in general. If it was any other tour player, we would wish them the best and that would be all. Nothing more true could be said. The public gets angry at Tiger for being injured.
  17. Into the Wind - everyone needs to take an hour to watch this. Terry Fox was a legend.
  18. I have just re worked my setup position. I never felt like I was too close to the ball, but I was far too close, causing me to be far too upright. New setup on left. Old setup on right My arms dropped vertically ( almost in towards my body - see above). I could NEVER get the club coming from the inside in this position because I was too cramped up Now that I've moved back from the ball, my arms 'reach' a little to the ball, my knees have a little more bend, and my swing plane is so much better on the downswing. It doesn't look like much, but it makes a huge differen
  19. I rarely atch when hes not playing. Wow. Disappointing, but gotta be the right choice. So no more events for Tiger until Augusta?
  20. Again no Canada? Can someone provide a reason as to why? Shipping costs? Anyway for fun: -13 Tiger Woods -12 Graham DeLaet -11 Thorbjørn Olesen
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