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  1. Well he must have been browsing TST......... 3 birdies in a row. Nice Tiger!
  2. I just looked at the forecast - some thunderstorms today....but when I see the temperatures....I think to myself. WTF AM I DOING IN CALGARY, ALBERTA It's snowing outside my office right now......
  3. Garmin Approach S1 - $150. Not bad. I thought about a rangefinder, but figured for me, its not worth $300-$400 and am not the type of guy who will want to pull it out for every shot
  4. Woods, Mark Wahlberg, Fowler, Marcus Luttrell
  5. You should be good. Supposed to warm up into the positives in a few weeks.
  6. I'll take that 1° ( -17° C ) The above image was predictions from Thursday. It actually got to minus 44 on Saturday. Awful......
  7. OK, I should clarify more. If he decides to play, I think he'll win. About time he puts four good rounds together.
  8. I paid $1350 for 6 months - around $200 / month Included is 15 30 minutes lessons + 30 minutes practice in their facility with their tech stuff ( cameras, video playback etc ) as well as a fitting and 2 mobile lessons ( 9 holes out on a course )
  9. Hi All, Had my swing evaluation at Golftec over the weekend. First of all, the guys that worked there were great. Jamie, the instructor I had was talkative, knowledgeable and friendly. We chatted about my goals, my misses etc ( pulls and low ball flight ) I started with just hitting 15 or so balls so he could get my swing average into the system. He then called me over to look at it with him. Went over my setup - everything was fine except my stance was a little narrow: We also talked about my grip - and that it is very weak. We then looked at my backswing and my plane
  10. Did you ever watch the Spartacus series David?
  11. The number one cause of cancer in the cigar population is Miguel Angel Jimenez' lips.
  12. Been watching Vikings on History Online. Good show!
  13. Covert Tour Driver and 3 Wood form Globalgolf - in mint condition Shipped to Calgary for $300 - pretty good! Also a Cleveland 50* and Nike Method - purchased a month ago from Golftown
  14. I always find time for golf - but I may play less expensive courses, or less often. Golf is my ultimate stress reflief
  15. Time, weather in Alberta, and the fact I just bought a house and a car and all the furniture to go in said house, and that I just got engaged, and am now saving for a wedding.........
  16. Calgary is nicer this week - and the immediate 14 days. Hopefully the worst of Winter is over - annnnnnddd I just jinxed it.
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