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  1. When someone tells you that the green always slopes to the water ( be it a pond, lake or the ocean ) promptly slap them in the face and say NO!....it can slope any way it wants, regardless of where the water is
  2. I tried a pair of Trues Linkswear - and yes, extremely comfortable. But a little goofy looking IMO.
  3. So far I am the only one that can;t hit a high ball....
  4. What Tiger did is a grand slam - who says what order you have to win them in ( in a row )? You hold all four at once? Grand Slam. Screw the gregorian.
  5. This is EXACTLY how I report my averages on a thread like this. There are probably only 4 or 5 sandtrappers that actually have hard data on their averages for each club, the rest are 'I usually use this club for this distance'
  6. High flying ball. I'm half irish/half scottish. Its in my DNA to keep it low.
  7. Gonna be a great match - even if its half as good as the ABs vs. Boks match
  8. After 7 holes I wanted to wrap my putted around a tree - it must have listened because I shot my first even par 9 and my first on in 2 putt in for eagle ( one other eagle previously chipping in ). I couldn't miss a putt on the back, couldn't make a putt on the front.
  9. 09 Ford Escape. 3.0l V6 4x4 Picked it up a week ago. only 65000kms on it and in MINT condition.
  10. Worked on not swaying. ie. moving off the ball. Still hit it fat every so often though
  11. 84. Which usually I wouldn't be concerned about, but, I had 41 putts which included eight 3 putts Missed 1 fairway, and 6 greens. New swing is far more consistent
  12. Kieran123

    iOS 7

    I like ios7 so far. I HOPE Apple can start doing more significant OS updates like these. IOS no longer looks dated :)
  13. Rank This Week Rank Last Week Player Events Points # of Wins # of Top 10's Points behind Lead Reset Points 1 2 Tiger Woods 15 4,352 5 8 2,500 2 1 Henrik Stenson 17 4,229 1 7 123 2,250 3 3
  14. Thanks. I will try and get a face on this weekend and take a look at the training aid. I watched the video and it's exactly what I need I like the idea of doing mini swings to get the feeling. It almost seems like I turn my body through, around and swing to the left - rather than bump forward.
  15. Thanks for combining ( Erik? ) SO basically - I need a steeper backswing correct?
  16. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8 My typical ball flight is: Low The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull . I know I am coming over the top and am trying to eliminate that. The problem is, I can not get the 'feeling' of not coming over the top. I need some tips on how to do this. SKIP to 0:25 Videos:
  17. I am in my 4th year of golf and have not made much progress since the beginning of last year ( ie. same scores, greens hit, fairways hit etc ) I have multiple issue with my swing: Bad address position WAY too fast takeaway ( always get comments on this ) Takeaway is far too inside Over the top move ( because of above ) LOW ball flight Constantly pulling the ball, or slicing it ( over the top move ) Hitting the ball fat and off the toe is becoming very common for me Is it time to start fresh? When I started the game, I never took a lesson, and
  18. Phil looks devastated that Ernie has a bigger trophy than him. Ernie is all smiles.
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