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  1. Ok cool. Would a good thought to have be that my left shoulder stays on a line in front of the ball ( ie. at a point an inch towards my body )
  2. Hi guys, I REALLY want to fix my over the top move - from pulls to blocks to the occasional balloon slice - it is driving me crazy Below are two photos. One at address showing shoulder angle, then second at the top of my swing again showing shoulder angle. My address angle is a lot steeper than my transition position. What can I do to keep that same shoulder angle on the downswing?
  3. Quick 9 after work. Even through 6 holes. Double, Double, Bogey finish
  4. I have had to pause momentarily before tee shots to let one out silently - otherwise, it's coming out at 80 decibels during my swing. Nothing worse than a creaky tee box.
  5. 81. First round with new irons. Little less forgiving than my Ci9s but love them. Had a 5 foot eagle chance and lipped the putt. Don't get many opportunities like that so it was the first time I was disappointed with a birdie. 35 putts - couldn't make anything
  6. Back spasms can be brutal. I live with sciatica - which can render me completely useless for entire days. I have had spasms in the centre of my back - you can not sleep and when they trigger you can hardly breathe. Depending on the severity - Tiger handled them extremely well.
  7. If Dottie thinks the only way for them to win is via match fixing - they're screwed
  8. One red line mark for putting and MDLS as in Manuel De Los Santos - so if I am getting frustrated at my game I remember what this guy can do and to chill the **** out.
  9. Nike VR Pro Combo CB Irons ( eBay ) - shipped brand new for $500 Not bad And the Taylormade RBZ a week before at Golftown
  10. Going by your ( stupid ) logic - wouldnt it be his mind that makes the ball go in the cup? Next time Tiger should play left handed - his mind will make sure he gets balls on fairways and on greens
  11. I can PM you my address and you can send it my way ( seeing as you have no use )
  12. Next time do the exact same thing to him and at the end when you beat him, brag about it - and mention that improving your lie, and dropping a ball without penalty really helps and that you're glad he showed you how to do that
  13. No - he wins with his swing. It's the swing that puts the ball on the green
  14. That is an old design that may be hard to find now? My buddy has one, but I think he got in back in 2011
  15. Brandel Chamblee will announce his retirement from the GC to focus on his modelling career
  16. Well Lee is out - awesome response to reporters ( skip to 1:25 ) http://www.golfchannel.com/media/golf-central-bmw-pga-championship-lee-westwood-presser-052213/
  17. This has happened to me so many times I should be in a mental ward. I 3 putted from 3 feet for eagle once.
  18. TBH, this may be good for Sergio. Maybe he can wake up and realise he needs to STFU some times and just play golf
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