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  1. Evenn though I played bad, had one good shot. Hit my drive which found the grass on a bunker wall, had to wedge out to fairway which left me 266.7 yards to the green ( Laser ) Seeing as my round was lost by then, I pulled my 3 wood, hit it flush to the left edge of the green. That was my only good shot of the day :)
  2. Kieran123

    Putting Ban

  3. I would love to do it on a regular basis Maybe I will go play a quick 9 tonight and play with a couple of balls instead of just one
  4. To be blunt - I have been playing great golf over the last 4 rounds. A 79, 78, 80 and 82. My G.I.R and Fairways hit are up and everything has just been working. Yesterday, I went out to the same course I shot 80 on two weeks ago, and shot a dirty ol' 92. 5 greens and 7 fairways..... My driver was bad, my irons were all over the place ( including over shooting so many greens - hit my SW 145??!?!? and my PW 170?!?! ) My chipping was chunky, bunkers chunky and my putting TERRIBLE ( 35 putts ) I tried not to get down on myself, but there is nothing more frustrati
  5. Do temper tantrums count? He's a had a few major ones of those.
  6. In the below video ( starting at 5 seconds ) we can clearly see how long Sergio had to step back but continued anyway, hits a bad shot, then uses the noise as an excuse.
  7. Perfect example of further separation between myself and actually hand writing anything. I am lost in the Grid.
  9. Hey it was 49 yards away - it takes time for sound to travel you know!
  10. Sergio - using your phone on the course to post on TST is a violation of the rules.
  11. "Tiger struggles playing a draw" Tiger nails perfect draw over and over all weekend. Go home Brandel.
  12. No, Phil says it himself, we don't. "F#ck I'm good, just ask me" In below photo, Phil is comparing his nipple size to his thumb. FIGJAM
  13. F#ck he's good. Remember when people stated he;d never get back to his old ways
  14. You can watch groups live at pgatour.cbssports.com/live/
  15. Please, stop claiming these values as Christian
  16. Everyone needs a proximity card that stores their handicap data. All tees should have locked doors, when your try to swipe your card on the black tees and your handicap is 25, you will be greeted by a voice saying "ACCESS DENIED"
  17. Playing nine holes is like starting to have sex, then stopping halfway. WHO DOES THAT!!!!??!?!?
  18. Does it just annoy you? That your 'nation founded on Christian values' is finally departing such nonsense and allowing two people in love to get married? No, two men can not make a child, but can't two gay men adopt a child? Maybe one that was given up for adoption by a non gay woman and her husband who didn't want the kid? Who were married 'traditionally'?
  19. Can you explain christian values? And how these values are christian? And not just values?
  20. In 1963, 90% of Americans claimed to be Christians; 2% professed no religious identity. In 2012, the percentage of Christians was closer to 70%; 13% claimed no religious identity I can imagine in 1780 the percentages were even higher - Christianity in the U.S ( and worldwide ) is declining. The U.S was not 'founded' on Christianity, it was founded on men who were Christian - because the percentages were simply higher back then. And if Christians want to claim that the U.S was founded on Christian morals - go right ahead . I would not want my beliefs to have anything to do w
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