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  1. What are those values? Raping and pillaging the indigenous people?
  2. DO we know how it is worded? Ie. I thank god for giving me the strength to win and I thank god for not giving me the strength to win Anyway, I don't want to get into this. Neither opinion/beliefs is/are going to change
  3. No objections - but they never thank god when they lose. Seems failures fall on the person, success falls on god.
  4. Another example is going for greens from 230+ yards, or course mangement in general On the weekend I shot my best round ( 78 ) and my buddy accused me of playing old man golf because I laid up on all par 5s. I elected to lay up even if I was 200 yards out. It paid off, because I played the par 5s one under. Sometimes you just gotta play smart, not bold.
  5. 78 with a double on the last . Still my best round, but could of been great - in the 73-75 range. Two putted every hole on the back and missed a lot of birdie chances...Swing was just working. 137 slope, 6700 yards. Dropped my handicap to 7.8 too!
  6. I believe if you took a person who's never golfed and gave them a driver and 4000 hours of practice - most will never get close to 300 yards, but I guarantee you all of them would be pretty accurate by the end of that 4000 hours - regardless of how far they hit it I've golfed for 3 years now - my distance has increased, but my accuracy has increased a lot more.
  7. The difference between believing in a sasquatch and believing in god, is that if you choose not to believe in the sasquatch - so be it, but if you choose not to believe in god, well, you can to straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200 Therein lies the reason most people believe in god - fear.
  8. I would kill for a higher ball flight. Not so much my driver, but my long irons. A driver can be low, hit the fairway and run, but a 4 iron into a green I want to stick - not roll off the back
  9. The Bible is a book full of errors, contradictions and prejudism - which is divinely inspired? My evidence is all around me - the flightless, blind kiwi bird living way down in New Zealand is one piece of evidence. The devil was not present in religious texts until the nomadic monotheists ran into polytheists and stole the idea. Why would I base my entire existence upon that? One of the bibles biggest story's - Noahs Ark - is so full of holes its not even funny. How can anyone read this book and take it as truth? Please also see: Leviticus 19:20-2
  10. Yes, but you're speaking about a jar with air in it, not 'God almighty' Big difference between a jar with air in it, and something as extravagant as god. No one does things in the name of air in a jar. But it would make as much sense if they did
  11. Well, proof of god's existence is nowhere to be seen - so right off the bat, you are living a life based on myth which is wrong.
  12. BULLSH!T The difference is, gay people are born gay - it's natural and who they are. Christians aren't born christian - they are told to be christian and told that being gay is wrong and prejudism is absolutely O.K. They have a choice to not think that way - but still do. I can't believe that isn't a sin itself to be that weak not to live a life of your own, but one of the bibles. If someone close to me is raised Christian, and society nurtures it and oks it, there is a chance that their children will be forced to believe the same prejudice lies and find it harder to fight
  13. Hes a hardcore Bible thumper - of course he supports anything anti gay. He has to live by the bibles opinion, not his own regardless of what he really thinks
  14. 79. Started with a double and a bogey. Next hole is a 530 yard par 5 dog leg right. Hit my tee ball a little too straight and got stuck behind a tree. I couldnt of hooked my 3 hybrid any more - it was perfect and it rolled to the front edge of the green. Pitched to 1 foot for a birdie and that got me going. Had more birdie chances but could not sink anything - but made some good par saves. Hit a drive in the trees on another par 5, punched out but had 230 to the hole over water. Hit my 3 Hybrid again right at the pin. Left with 15 feet and made a good two putt par save ( I never
  15. Interested to see some commercials I may have not seen. Here is my favourite:
  16. Can we change the title of this thread to 'Steve Williams is a tool' or something along the lines of that. Seeing as it has gone from being about the putt, to just being about Steve.
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