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  1. Thanks guys! This is helpful. Now, tips for a shallower swing? Btw, I very rarely pull or slice an iron. Is my swing less to the left with my iron than my driver
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8.9 My typical ball flight is: Low The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Low and pulls Videos: ( not the greatest quality or line - filmed with GoPro with no viewer ) I really want to hit the ball higher. That is all I care about and want to work on. My shots are straight enough, not chunky, not topping - just have a low ball flight. Have moved the ball in my stance with little effect. 8 Iron:
  3. I know SW is a d-bag most of the time - but zipazoid and I are talking about the video of the 'winning putt'
  4. So if you were in SW's situation - what would you do? You just read a putt after getting asked for help - and you give the read, the putt goes in for the masters win - and your players first career Major after a 2 hole playoff? Shake his hand? Stand on the edge of the green? If my caddie did that I would wonder what the hell he is caddying for - because it would show that they don't give a shit about it at all.
  5. In this case - he was not an attention *****. In other cases - yes he was. The obvious proof is in the video of the win and the situation that occurred before the putt.
  6. Nononononono. I want him to be captured alive - then spend the rest of his life getting bummed in prison.
  7. Hit it hard with the wind, soft against the wind You want more spin when going with the wind. Less against it
  8. Williams is NOT a typical Kiwi - I can guarantee you that. Most of us Kiwis are embarrassed by him for his attitude and loud mouth.
  9. Kyle Stanley - a long shot, but I just want him to win
  10. CNN is ****ing terrible at 'news' reporting They should have disclaimers on everything they report along the lines of 'May not be true whatsoever'
  11. Put yourself on a playoff hole of the masters - your player is struggling to read a putt. He calls you over, you make a decision on the read, he hits the putt and it goes in the hole to win the masters. WTF - who else wouldn't be that excited?
  12. Feel. Works 50% of the time - and there's only a 60% chance of that
  13. Yep pretty messed up and very sad. Everyone is playing in everyone else's back yards - this is what happens. It's disgusting
  14. Go to 0:50 to witness Rorys stupid caddie celebrating first with the player
  15. Seriously? The caddy is usually the first person to congratulate the player regardless....yes, Stevie is a tool, but his celebration with Adam on Sunday was no different to 99% of other caddies out there sigh
  16. 40/41 Par 72 Played pretty good in the cold again. One birdie. Hit 10 fairways and 9 greens. Really have to work on getting higher trajectory with my irons. Came in flat on a par 3 with an 8 iron and bounced it into the bunker. Had 25cm of snow over the weekend - so no golf for a while. Spring my ass
  17. Surfing would help for sure. Some people are just built like this. - like TN94z said - genetics
  18. Scott and Stevie seem to be better at high fives than Tiger and Stevie ever were That's a win for the ages in itself.
  19. I would like to know how tiger is hitting it ( easy pars? par saves? ) - rather than looking at just his scorecard - where is shot tracker? Should be a given for the Masters
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