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  1. Hell of a career for Steve. He made some dumb moves, but more good than bad. Good on him
  2. "There are 2 large mounds I need to get the ball over to get to the hole"
  3. Can't wear a hat backwards, but can look like this?
  4. Meh....I quit golf after every bad round. "I f%#king quit, this game is stupid.....................................................see you next weekend"
  5. Take money, use money to fund time machine invention, go back in time to be there for child birth, while your other self wins the money.
  6. Being there at birth has absolutely no connection on how much a child loves you, how much your wife loves or, or how much you love them. My dad was not at my birth - and if I thought that meant he loved me any less than a father who was at theirs child's birth - I'd have to be a pretentious prick.
  7. Yes - my new backswing is flatter, which helps me get closer to 'on plane' on the down sing....its a work in progress....eventually I will try and bring it away less flat...but it works right now :D
  8. Hi guys, So I wanted to show you a before and after video of my swing in March and my swing now. My game has improved a lot...last 3 rounds have been 78, 77, 79 - hitting it in the fairway more, hitting the greens more...and my putting is a lot better now too ( likely due to shorter putts, as well as a few tweaks to my putting swing ) Here you go March Swing: September Swing
  9. Reed, Mahan, Simpson at the bottom of the leaderboard.....
  10. Rory is a beast. 370 yard 3 wood....some 400 yard drives....unbelievable
  11. Played my first round with it. 10 of 13 fairways. I used it on all but one hole just because I wanted to see how it performed. It's so much better it's not even funny. My three misses were roughly 10 feet off the fairway. It;s higher, longer, straighter and feels amazing. Maybe it's the honeymoon phase but it was night and day
  12. That 2001 swing is so smooth
  13. Wow.......so now we wait until he gets a new coach, then wait while he changes his swing with 'reps'. He should be comfortable with his new swing by end of 2015 right?........
  14. Kieran123

    NBA vs NFL

    NBA over NFL for me Never been a fan of NFL as I grew up with Rugby. Too much stopping in NFL for me......no flow.
  15. Those would be so nice to own...... ..................without the design on the back
  16. Less forward shaft lean on driver swing as well as not smothering the ball with my body - so I can get some height on my drives
  17. Guys - some good information on the man flu:
  18. I wonder if metal bottles would work Ie. The Bud Light Platinums
  19. Agree - those are damn nice. The 'players' clubs Mizuno makes are always pretty eye pleasing
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