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  1. Rory's swing is the best looking swing I've ever seen. By far.
  2. Bubba is having a bitch fit Every time he opens his mouth - he proves over and over how much of an ass he is
  3. Why is there a soldier with an automatic rifle in the crowd?
  4. I think he doesn't know WTF his swing is doing. No confidence in where the ball is going Good drop - going for it now :D
  5. Annnnnnnnddddd another tee shot 70 yards off the fairway by Tiger. Just ridiculous
  6. Chrome, Windows 8.1 and Adblock - no issues here
  7. 65 yards LEFT from the fairway - that is just stupid bad.
  8. Tiger's misses off the tee are always so bad
  9. Agreed. I have nerve issues/spasms weekly. Some ruin me for 7+ days, some go away after a nights sleep.
  10. I wouldn't worry - Europe is going to wipe the floor with the U.S, regardless of what Bubba says or does.
  11. Thanks guys! - will give both of these a go. Don't have kettlebells but have dumbbells
  12. Quote: “I think the media really loves me because I don’t give PC answers,” Watson said. “Sometimes people write different stories and make it and twist it in ways they want to. But again, the way I live my life and the way I want to live my life as a Christian, I don’t read, I took the internet off my phone. I don’t read what people write about me. I don’t read what people say about me. Live my life as a christian. What does this mean exactly? Can someone define a christian life? He should have said 'live my life as how I want to live it' - because saying you want to live your life as a 'christian' either means as a good person or a bad person ( yes, christians can be bad people believe it or not ) - like any other person. It has no clarity to it what so ever. Bubba seems to think claiming yourself as christian automatically makes you a good person. This is complete rubbish.
  13. Hey all, Does anyone have any good exercises to help with balance and stability? When I finish my swing, I don't always feel on balance. When I see swings like Rory's and Adam's and their finishing positions it amazes me....obviously they've been swinging a club for a long time, but would like to work on this. Cheers
  14. Bubba being a pompous prick? How odd. Not like him at all.
  15. What did she do to grab his attention? Play with her hair? Girls always do this Stare at him? Everyone was staring at him - it's Rory McIlroy Nothing to see here folks
  16. Anyone know Tiger's driving stats for yesterday? Interested to see how bad/good/average they really were
  17. Hi All, Had come back from a tournament the weekend before, having not broke 90 - given that it is Albertas toughest course....even so I was still disappointed. Went out with some friends and had a O.K front nine 43. Figured it would be another low-mid 80's round. AT the turn something changed and I started striking the ball crisp and hitting it where I was aiming......putting got hot and everything fell into place for my first 36 over 9 holes. Missed a 3 footer on the par 3 17th which could've meant 1 under, but am pretty relieved to get this one outta the way - and break 80 in the process
  18. Wow....that's a lot of people. Golf is really struggling. A few courses in Calgary are cancelling their Mens Open because there aren't enough players. I have drastically cut back on golf this year. The only times I can play are weekends, and shelling out $100 per round is just ridiculous now.
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