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  1. No, the solution is for everyone to hurry up.
  2. Because its part of etiquette. If you're holding up the players behind you, let them through. Pretty simple really. If the guy is playing faster than you, it wont take him 15 minutes to play through....
  3. Just got back from a tournament. 6 hours and 45 minutes to finish 18. How do you play any sort of decent golf if it takes that long?
  4. Ever since I started taking lessons, I have started to shank it more. Generally I am hitting it a lot better, but they pop in every now and then. Yesterday had two beautiful shanks on the course - only happens with my wedges. I watched some swings in slow motion - and my hands drift away from my body about 2 inches at impact
  5. Another extremely exciting tournament
  6. Top 50 in world: 24 U.S players, 17 European I dunno if they're that superior - it's pretty close.
  7. Again...yes he was. But how long did it take them to figure it out? It was right there all along. Madoff even said he couldn't believe how obvious it was and how useless SEC were
  8. I don't think so. My shot distances are far more consistent from the fairway than they are from the rough. I may have an idea of how far my shot will go from the rough, but the chances it will fly, or come short, go left, or go right are much higher than they are hitting from the fairway.
  9. But that is a scramble. 4 players hitting from the same spot.
  10. Alfonso Power is -13 through 4. Such golf, many skill
  11. Nice tee shot on the 9th jamo.
  12. Hole 12 at Glen Eagles in Calgary. Par 3 183 yards Blocked my tee shot right ( yellow lines ). Ball was about a foot above me and the green was sloping away from me. Used my 60 and popped it out to land on the fringe ( blue lines ) and it trickled perfectly down to the hole ( red line ) And sat on the edge of the cup.
  13. Time for an update. Age: 27 Height: 5'11 Where are you from: New Zealand How Long have you been Playing: 4 seasons Best Score: 78. Par 72, 73 Rating 142 Slope Favorite club in the bag: 3 Wood Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: N/A Where do you play: Calgary....Alberta wide Best courses you've played so far: Balfour Golf Course, Sirocco Golf Club Things you enjoy most about golf: Hanging with friends, beating PB's Goals for 2K14: Break 80 consistently
  14. I would absolutely change if I had to hit a 4 iron instead of a 7 or 8. I would take 140-150 from the rough.
  15. God that ending pissed me off.
  16. They missed him for over 20 years - multiple 'check ins' too.
  17. Created to prevent - doesn't mean that they do it very well. Ask Mr. Madoff
  18. I chose 170-180 from flat lie. 140-150 is either a hard 50* ( 140 ) or a PW ( 150 ), and 170-180- is either a hard 8 iron ( 170 ) or a 7 iron ( 180 ) - and I am fine hitting either of those irons. I am sure if I had some historical stats of my swings - my chances are better from the 140 yard rough - but I don't mind hitting an 8 or a 7. And my distance control is more consistent from the fairway - from the rough, it could be 10 yards short or long.
  19. I don't know if that exists.....or is even possible.
  20. I actually enjoyed this tournament a lot. Especially because Bubba nor Kevin Na won Calm and cool won the tourny
  21. Bad day for Rory - maybe he has a wrist injury..............
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