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  1. Agreed, I'd give it more time than 3 hours just to be on the safe side. I wait overnight before I take them out to hit.
  2. Hey guys, one of my biggest problems was how inconsistent and thin my iron shots were. I wanted to take a divot with my iron shots and have the right ball flight and apex instead of a fluttering ball flight like I had when I was more of a picker. I just saw a sean o'hair video on youtube of him hitting an iron shot, I copied that at the range and was taking great divots and the ball flight really took off. Distance kind of dropped because I was just trying to take the right divot(right behind the ball) I was wondering how would this swing work with the driver off the tee?? I tried imitatin
  3. My mistake but what I meant was that they were crap for me. The best made for diamana shaft was the original nike SQ, but the titleist made for diamanas doesn't play like the real blueboards. While the made for voodoo plays fairly close to the real voodoo SV. Something else to help the OP, here's a link below to the shafts that titleist offers. If you look at the Real Blueboard and the made for diamana blueboard, the trajectory and flex points are very different. That's why I think you should try to get the real blueboard but if you don't want to pay for the up-charge than the made for v
  4. Hey, that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. But to me, the made for diamana shafts have a high torque which causes too much spin and a very high launch for me. Yeah titleist made these "made for" shafts to fit most people but I just wanted to let the OP know that he should try other shafts with the D2 because with the right shaft that thing is a bomber. Also onebigtwister, if you get a heavier shaft that can bring the launch down somewhat.
  5. The diamana shafts that are "made for titleist" are crap. If you like the D2, and want to get one of the stock shafts. Go voodoo, the made for titleist voodoo plays fairly close to the real voodoo. If you want to lower the launch even more with the 8.5, get a lower launching shaft. Also if you want forgiveness, stick with the D2. If you get the right shaft combination with the D2, it can be a real bomber.
  6. UST proforce V2 76X in my driver Aldila NV "green" 85x in my 3 wood True temper dynamic golf s300 in my irons.
  7. Yeah I bought a 909D3 used for $130 and took the stock shaft out and put in a UST proforce v2 76X. Total expense was $210 including installing fees. Better than buying new with a UST which would cost me around $330
  8. Nothing wrong about that, they don't sell 13 degree and 15 degree hybrids for nothing. Never considered it though to be honest.
  9. Lol thanks golfro, I'm heading to my golfsmith next week(which happens to be the headquarter). It's the size of a walmart, but I figured I'd see what used 909F2's(loft, shaft, weight) they have and see if I can go back out to their driving range and hit them a couple times.
  10. I still game the 695mb's, the muscle counter part of the 695 series. Great clubs, first ever forged irons I hit that were forgiving but yet you can work the ball any way you want. I think some(maybe a few) Titleist players still game the 695 series.
  11. Thanks shades, I know it's a simple answer. But your answer is greatly appreciated, it's hard to pass up the price but what you say is very true.
  12. I finally have decided to get a 909F2 after I tried it out at a demo day. I found a seller willing to sell me a 909F2 15.5 loft with a grafalloy tour concept high launch X flex 69gram for $100 without headcover. I was planning on going to a golfsmith and buying a 13.5 loft 909F2 used with a BB or voodoo stock X flex shaft(heavier shaft weight) if they have any at their store but I'd be paying around $160-$180. I'm stuck in between so I wanted to get some feedback on what to do. So any inputs would be helpful. Thanks
  13. I've hit the 909F2 and I liked it alot, but I was looking for a bargain on a 3 wood. The problem with my burner 3 wood is that it launches too high and I lose some distance with it. After I hit my friend's fairway wood, it was going alot farther than my burner(his R9 was set on neutral) So since you said it's not the easiest wood to get up in the air from the fairway, perfect for me because I need the trajectory to lower for my 3 wood.
  14. That's great to hear, I actually found a 906F2 with a proforce V2 85X which is PERFECT for me. What can I say, I've been turned a titleist junky after I bought the 909D3.
  15. Looking for a new fairway wood, getting tired of my old burner 07 3 wood. After I hit my friend's R9 fairway wood which had a smaller head, I'm in the market for older and cheaper models but still good overall. I searched and came up with either TM V steel or the 906F2. Both are pretty cheap on ebay but unfortunately I can't try these out before I buy them. Seems to me these 2 fairway woods have smaller heads than my burner wood and has better workability. I still see these 2 fairway woods gamed by pros, friends, and random people I pair up with when I go hit 18. Wanted to get some feedba
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