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  1. From the Mizuno Forums: "if the irons are stock off the shelf irons then they have the numbers under the grip on the shaft, if they are custom fitted then the numbers are on the ferrule" Granted, it is from a user post, I have seen similar posts on the Mizuno forums regarding this issue.
  2. My girlfriend figured out the hard way that eBay has a time restriction on filing for fraudulent claims.. check what the time frame is and if you still are inside of it, file a claim and PayPal or eBay's fraud protection insurance should kick in. I bought my Mizuno's from eBay but from a seller with 99.9% positive feedback that had been on eBay since the 90's. Due diligence goes a long way on that website. Good luck and I'm sorry to hear about your situation.
  3. Another update on the new clubs: For some reason I took a bit of time off from my regular golf routine (roughly 3 rounds a month with up to 6 or 7 range sessions) almost immediately after getting my new clubs. As a high handicapper that doesn't really matter usually, but I was going from my Callaway x18r's to these JPX 800 Pros which required a bit more precision when it came to making the ball go where I wanted. Needless to say, my first few rounds with these games were a bit rough. Not far off my usual high 90's scores, but there were some bad ones. I debated whether or not I j
  4. 1st: Not exactly sure if this warranted a 3rd (by my count, possibly more) new thread that is discussing the same topic as the previous ones. 2nd: If you were fitted for JPX 800's then what would make you decide to go against the Pro's suggestion? Granted, pros aren't always correct, if he/she did an honest analysis of your swing and suggested a certain club then maybe there is some solid reasoning behind it. In my opinion, my JPX 800 Pros are the only clubs I'll need from here on out. These clubs open up the doors to different shapes and trajectories of shots that I didn't feel
  5. Everyone has their own opinion.. The only confusing part about the playoffs that I can see is the points system. Sure, I can look at a run-down of who gets X amount of points for their finish .. but when the casual golf watcher sees that the difference between 1st place and 5th place is 1,842 points it gets a little ridiculous. This reminds me of the point system that NASCAR had in place until just recently. The points were reduced (even though they still represent a roughly proportional amount to the previously inflated numbers) and now people feel like there is a bit more excitement i
  6. Just regripped two putters with a roadside tire inflater.. maybe used about 40-50psi to get the fresh tape loose from my new TM Ghost Spider.. the older the putter the less bond it seemed because the Odyssey putter grip from 2 years back just blew right off. You just need the inflater to get the grips off once you hear the air break through the bottom end of the grip then you know you're good to start wiggling off the grip. The plus with this is that if the new grip you put on just doesn't work out for you, you still have the old one to go back to in the mean time. And you might
  7. I started to use an imaginary strip after the ball pointing toward my target and it has helped me stop driving the club into the ground after hitting the ball (and breaking my hand in the process). It has worked great. And my hand is happy.
  8. There are plenty of reviews here on the JPX 800 Pros and the Burner 2.0. I use the JPX's and I love them. Clean look, amazing feel from anywhere, and if you are one that hits that sweet spot consistently then you will love what you feel at impact. I can't deny the great reviews that the Burner's have gotten though. There has to be some magic in them for such a large amount of people that swear by them. Swing some demos during a round and then when you settle on a set of irons come back here and ask about places to get good prices on them. Got mine off of eBay for $550 inste
  9. You know.. in my search I did catch that something was up with the CB2's. The golf shop only had the CB1's in stock for demos and they said they would not be getting any CB2's to demo. I'm guessing that on the business side of it they might not have been as profitable as Adams wanted them to be. A few months after getting my JPX 800 Pros and I still love them. My game has gone in the dumps due to school and funds hindering my practice time, but I think that once I get my swing tweaked I'll be back and breaking some personal bests. The feel on these clubs is still amazing. I compl
  10. JB Holmes was doing this while having cerebral issues which specifically affect his balance. He'll be going under the knife soon for brain surgery. Just shows how amazingly skilled these Tour players are and more specifically how talented he is to be able to overcome a physical hindrance to a key part of his game and remain so dominant off the tee.
  11. I remember reading one blog where the person suggested fixing 5 ball marks on every green you go to. 5 could be a bit much for time constraints, but the idea is a pretty good one. While you wait for others to putt and after you've done your green reading, go do some cleanup on the greens... people will appreciate it.
  12. Quote: Tried blowing the grips off with air but I don't think I had enough power behind it. What do you use to get them on and off? I'm thinking about trying a new putter grip but I don't want to slice up my current one.
  13. It seems like things only got out of hand once you stooped to their level by leaving the pin out. There is no doubt that they were wrong, but the only difference between all three of your stories is that only one included a strong possibility of physical altercation and it was the one where you decided to fight poor golf etiquette with poor golf etiquette. Hands down you were in the right to confront them about hitting up on you guys. That is an extremely dangerous situation and people take it too lightly sometimes because the chance of hitting someone is rather small, but it is a very
  14. 88 or 85.. the great thing about shooting a good round is that you know that you could have done much better and you can see where you lost strokes. Good job and let us know when you break into the 70's!
  15. I used to do this all of the time.. still do, but less frequently. What caused me to do it was that I was dipping my left shoulder during my backswing and basically changing my swing path to aim straight into the ground. I muscled it through but i think I could have fit my arm in some of the divots. If you aren't going to have an instructor help you then at least take a camera to the course (range or actual play) and get a look at what you're doing wrong. Post the video on the forum and you'll get your answer, plus some free advice (and some of it will be good advice!). Good luck
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