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  1. I would say to try a bunch back to back and compare on the launch monitor. I went to the shop that had a Cleveland fitter there for free a couple nights ago and tried a few clubs and shafts. When I was hitting stiff shafts the ball flight was a little inconsistent. As soon as I switched to X flex, it was much better. My buddy, whose swing speed was a mile an hour or two faster than mine, was just the opposite. The stiff flex shafts were all that were working for him. Different swings, tempo, loading of the shaft, release, etc. all add different elements to how the shaft works. I think it all ends up being a bit of trial and error.
  2. Are winter rules in effect year round? Seems like it goes against the basis of the game.
  3. I've always liked Brown Deer. Its a short muni, but it's nice to get on a course that hosts a tour event for under $40.
  4. 41 last night. It was great to take advantage of the warm April weather. Had a good round going until I started drinking. I feel like a light weight on the course, but I swear a single beer will effect my swing. Way to double the final hole...an easy par 5. Stupid. Done drinking while playing for the rest of they year.
  5. Age

    26. Haven't played much for a number of years, but am starting to play a lot again. Odd to think that my clubs are about 10 years old.
  6. Tax Consulting. Thank god the 15th has passed.