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  1. Nice post! I used to live in San Francisco, California and my home course was Harding Municipal course. Well, from what I heard this course used to be a very popular course for the Tour pros in the 60's, but then it was a little bit abandoned. Few years ago, Sandy Tatum, the former USGA president, took initiative and was able to find a way to restore it (the course is very beautiful, imagine after the restoration!!) In 2005, they were able to organize the Accenture World Golf Championship, sponsored by American Express and Tiger Woods beat John Daly in the third playoff hole. Well, I
  2. They found a very famous Nascar racing team cheating (Michael Waltrip!) - Dale Thomas (Wendys founder) would be furious from his grave! (they used to sponsor each other) Today, also Jeff Gordon's car did not pass inspection.... what's going on? It seems that cheaters are everywhere.... hope not on the PGA Tour...
  3. Welcome aboard, Desmond! Hope you will enjoy the forum like I have been doing in the last months!
  4. I believe you... your handicap index speaks by itself.... congratulations! I actually played with other guys in California who constantly hit their 5 irons around 200-210 (they were getting in two on all the par 5 - 520-550 yards!!!)
  5. Yes, sorry to deviate the discussion a bit... but what happens when you have tournaments where they calculate the scores through the "callaway" system? Do you think that the callaway system is correct? Does it reflect your handicap precisely? IMO, handicaps have their flaws. I admitted that when I was younger and in Europe (the system differs a lot), I had a higher official handicap and I took advantage in 2 tournaments... but right after the second tournament, I felt that I was just cheating myself... so I stopped playing tournaments. Now, I have a 7.0 handicap and 2 years ago, I part
  6. Me.... around 180 yards on average and no roll. Roll.... I thought we were talking about irons.... don't we usually calculate the carry when dealing with irons? I can also hit it to 200 yards, but the next day I have problems in rising from bed! Sometimes, I hit it 205 yards (if we introduce the concept of roll...), yeah, whenever I hit it thin, you should really see how much it rolls... if my ball was able to talk, it will scream: "aargh" for the pain!!!!! The problem is that unfortunately when I hit those distances, most of the times, the ball goes in a very slightly (just a bit!
  7. Damned... this Danny Gans must be a "real gentleman"... I could not resist and I look for his bio on the web.... it says... let me actually attached his bio... Danny Gans He's the "Entertainer of the year" in Las Vegas, and his award winning "Show of the Year" is the hottest ticket in town. He's being called the best singer-comedian-impressionist-actor in the business today, by entertainment critics and his peers. Audiences go wild over him. Who is he? He's Danny Gans. Gans hadn't planned to be an entertainer. His boyhood dream was to play third base for the Dodgers, and he was, in fact, dra
  8. Does she have the game for winning multiple times on the LPGA???? I guess that's also another question that must be solved.... Especially, now that she started to have all these physical problems... (heat, wrist injury....)
  9. Ok Guys! I think this was just a simple and incredible misunderstanding! Let's forget about it! I really appreciate to read and share opinions of every user in this forum as I believe everyone is contributing greatly. As I said before, this is a great forum (if you don't believe me, go to any web search engine and type golf forum and join one... you will come back right away!) You guys are great and this is because we all have one thing in common: love for golf. So, let's share only the good thoughts... I agree with NM Golf... who is Danny Gans?? (sorry I am from Italy... don't know much
  10. Yep, he didn't need 2 years... Well, it's good for us, no? This year is going to be a very interesting one.... all my favorite players have won 1 tournament by now.... let's see who is going to survive! Whose Golf is going to reign supreme! ( I got this phrase from the Iron Chef....) I apologize for the harsh comment on Phil... but I wanted to put some "spice" on this issue... it seems that the "low-fat yogurt" has worked for Phil ...
  11. Find attached another example that support my theory. this quote was taken out from the golfchannel forum, where I posted this thread. I got this message in reply... a personal admission of a steroid user. From: elpasoj33 (17 of 39) 8/30/2006 11:40:31 AM To: coletrain In response to Post 11 anyone who doesn't think steroids can improve your golf game doesnt understand them. Steroids enhance everything,especially concentration,eyesight,and timing. I have posted this before and been attacked for it. I have been on a 10 week steroid injection program three times for a medical conditio
  12. Comparing golf to Baseball or Football is apples and oranges. The reports I have heard emphasize that power is NOT the only advantage that steroids etc. bring. Steroids improve TRACKING. TACKING is the ability to follow a moving object. Steroids are therefore a perfcect drug to enhance hitting in baseball...POWER and TRACKING. Seems to me the same steroids that will help someone hit a baseball squarely will also help you hit a golf ball squarely. IMO it's obvious that steroids would help both your ball striking AND distance.
  13. It's an issue about integrity... not winning I am not saying that drugs make you win. Obviously power is not the only factor. How would you consider Sammy Sosa using a corked bat or Barry Bonds using Balco products? They still make homeruns but their teams still do not win the World Series. However, they still cheat... cheat on themselves and the fans. Power has been a factor on the PGA tour. If you consider the top ten longest driver hitters list and look at their money ranking, you will see that they have earned way much more money than the top ten accurate driver hitters. Hitting a 330 ya
  14. Find attached another article supporting my theory. It is time that people wake up and realize that the power corrupts... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/200...scorecard0904/
  15. Good point... but do we have the 100% certainty (that top players are clean)? This is why we need testing.
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