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  1. Thanks. The back gets sore lower left side after a while hitting balls. I am getting better with it but I still feel like I am lacking the speed I had a few months ago. One thing I've been trying is focusing on pulling my left shoulder up and back through the ball. My left knee is a tad more flexed towards target than those pics. But same idea. I just think there is something that causes me to do that, like maybe the shoulder thing. I think I can get it worked out with time. Maybe I'll post a vid here. It stays flexed too long I know that too. There is power loss there and I am tryin
  2. Hi, So I have had this swing problem for as long as I can remember until last Fall I think I got it taken care of. I started swinging very very well in February, (left leg extended fully at impact and then hurt my lower left back somehow, then my swing went to crap from there. I was too shut at the top, and too flat. I am getting better with this but it took 6 weeks for my back to heal up. I don't know if the thing caused me to swing differently which introduced bad habits but now I am not nearly as fast as I was in CHS back in february, I am getting better, but not close yet. I am also
  3. Does Callaway come out with a new driver every year? Will they likely come out with one for next year? I really don't care how adjustable it is, I could care less if you can adjust it in to a damn wedge. I am looking for a driver with the loft and shaft that could yeild me optimal carry distance while not being too hard to hit solid and have control of the club.
  4. Yeah, I just didn't know why. He may tinker but he never changes anything just to mix it up for fun, there aubviously has to be enough reason for it. I liked the last year Razr because it just goes farther for some reason than the new one when I tried them both, that is what I came up with. Maybe he is thinking the same we know he is all about hitting far.
  5. So why did Phil change back to his old Razr Hawk driver? I know he was using a Razr Fit earlier and now it's the razr hawk. Is it less loft? Set up for more distance? i am asking because I hit a Razr fit back in May and it just felt dead and didn't fly as far as other heads I tried. I also tried a Cleveland driver back in May and I was only flying it 260 when I was flying others 275 of same length on the range. I actually do like the Razr Hawk beter last years and maybe Phil is using it for the same reason? I am looking to buy a Razr hawk tour 9.5 degree head because I want to use a HOF
  6. Hi, So I am a big phil fan, infact I usually don't watch the tournaments he doesn't play in or if he misses the cut, honestly ever since he won the Masters in 2010. I just love how he plays. I do have a question though, I know back in 2010 somewhat in 2011 he was all about hitting bombs off the tee and he was usually Top-10 in driving distance, flying the ball 300+. Now it seems like it is going the other direction, infact when he was playing with Luke Donald, a lot of times Luke was past Phil off the tee. I know he has his deal with arthritis and he's geting older, now is that the reas
  7. Ok well I haven't had the best feedback yet! Jon , I am beyond confused, are you saying I sound like a 30 yr old pro/am golfer or are you talking about mopar? A "bunch" of kids in mid-highschool? "Heck, 16 yr olds can't even play the game well" I may be interpetting wrong but it seems to me like you don't get out much.... And since you're so curious about how I entered the usga tourney, I doubt you've ever signed up for one, on usga for the us junior am qualifier in utah you give the 6-digit I think it is number of your handicap so they can verify if they wish, I doubt a
  8. mopar, I hope you know it wasn't intentional. The idea of this thread was to get some opinions from people who know about clubs and club fitting advise me so I could have some insight on what I have picked out for a set of irons shaft/length combo etc. My average tournament score this year is around 75 if you drop two horrible days and I leave a lot on the putting greens. instead of going through a checklist of what I posted give some insight on what you think of all those things. Tell me, when is the best time to buy new clubs? I haven't done so in a while...Wait till next spring? Mayb
  9. Hi, for all you equipment experts out there... So I am about a 2-3 handicap on a 7100Y course I haven't been entering scores but that's about what I play to, 16 yrs old 140 lbs 5'8. I have always hit the ball fairly high so I am not the best wind player but that is ok with me. I don't know my CHS but I fly the ball around 280 off the tee at 4500 feet elevation. All of my clubs now are Titleist except 60 degree wedge and putter. My driver is 910 D2 9.5 set to 8.75 w/ Aldila RIP 60 Stiff shaft. My question actually isn't just about irons it is also my fairway wood. I think it is an f06 ti
  10. Wow, it really bugs you? i am assuming you are of an older age, but then again young cheer leaders is your profile pic hmmmm.... It doesn't bother me one bit. I will never forget 3 years ago a nationwide tour stop at my home course, colt knost 130 out in a fairway bunker, I was up on the green, Colt chunked it maybe 15 yards and I yelled "Get in the Hole!" I don't know if he heard but on the same hole he missed a 4 footer and I clapped and he looked over and gave me the dirtiest look ever, I was pretty embarissed but hey they could have been claps of encouragement. Funny thing is I walk
  11. If I could hit a 47 inch 7 degree driver longer I would hit that. I just don't think I am big enough to swing such a long club. I tried my 910 D2 8.75 loft with a 46 inch Aldila RIP 60 and I didn't like it, I was too inconsistent as far as distance, so I took the plug out and now it is 45" 8.75 loft which I have no problem getting up in the air. I wouldn't mind experimenting with lower lofted heads to see what kind of shot I get towards. I didn't give it a lot of time the 46" but I think it is better any ways because Phil is hitting 45-45.5 and he has a good 7-8 inches on me. I am 135 l
  12. The idea is high launch low spin. I tee it really high and tree to keep the head behind and sweep up more. I hit a high ball in general because I want to, when there is a bunker 270 out, I have my flight optimized for maximum carry, I could carry it 1/2 times. But yeah, I see how he would change to 9.5 for that reason. I am going to keep my driver how it is and if anything go to a lower loft, maybe get a 910D2 head with 8.5 loft and then set it to 7.75 eventually. I don't know my CHS but I carry the ball around 265 average here at 4500 feet I play with Calaway Hex Black (awesome ball)
  13. Hi, Phil is definately my favorite player, and I don't watch golf if he isn't competing (well maybe to see Tiger, and I like Rory too). Who wants to watch Luke Donald hit 270 every fairway and then same approach shot, hole after hole? but I notice Phil isn't hitting the ball as far as he was 1 or 2 years ago. What is the cause of this? I know he is using a 9.5 lofted driver if that might be partly why. I know one point he used a 5.9 driver. Is there more control with 9.5 degrees loft or is phil deciding to back it down a bit? I am hitting a 910 D2 8.75 loft and I seem to hit i
  14. Hi, I am wondering what is the difference if any at all from range balls and play balls? I know it varies on the person etc. But say compare a Titleist ProV1 to a Nike Practice range ball, assuming no scuffs on the cover or anything they are good range balls. I am hitting with an estimated 105-107 CHS, I don't get crazy amounts of backspin, I would say in the 2k-2.5k range with a ProV1 I am wondering because today in calm conditions (hardly any wind) I hit a pretty good ball at the range (those Nike Practice ones) and it flew into the lower part of a pine tree I lasered to be 271. Mind yo
  15. Hi, I am looking to possibly have 2 shafts for my current driver that I can interchange with the adjustable hossle deal (not mid-round of course). Right now I am 15 years old, 5'7ish and 135 lbs. I am a 3 handicap so I am pretty happy with my swing right now (however always looking for ways to create more power with it). I am hitting a Titleist 910 D2 with 9.5 loft and a Diamana Kail'i 65 shaft Stiff 45" in length. I hit on average 260-265 carry and then 270-285 with roll. I get a somewhat I guess you could say higher spin rate and traj.. But this is exactly how I want my ball flight, lik
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