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  1. I found this video on Youtube: There are also videos in the sidebar that show the same camera doing full speed, 420fps, and 1000fps. I'm almost definitely buying this camera as it's only about $150 on amazon. This equates to about 1hr in golf lessons as far as price!
  2. Hi all, I average between 100 and 110 for a round of golf, and I'm trying to improve. My swing is pretty inconsistent. I'll chunk the ball on the course about 15% of the time, and I can only hit the fairway with a drive about 30% of the time. As someone who doesn't know what angles to be looking for, will purchasing a high speed camera to analyze my golf swing be worthwhile? I know the golfing instructors use them, but they also know what to look for. I was considering buying the Casio EX-FS10 (records at 1000 fps), which only costs around $150.
  3. I nearly broke 100. I shot a 102. If only I didn't 3-putt on 6 holes. :(
  4. I chipped one in from about 25 yards away. Ran right into the pin and sunk!
  5. I'm a student studying Mechanical Engineering at Rowan University. I'm currently a junior.
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