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  1. Putting- Myself(I feel this is very personal. I think the best putters in the world taught themselves) Swing- Pre haney Tiger, Geoff Ogilvy, Ernie Els Short game- Tiger, Phil, Seve Out of the rough,trouble- Tiger and Seve Cool Factor-Miguel Angel Jimenez Clutch Gene- Tiger Mental- Bob Rotella, Tiger
  2. 4 iron is my 215-220 so 4 iron would be my choice.
  3. I would care about this but Clive is hitting drivers over 1000 yards right now. Inb4
  4. Well I think it comes without question why they use them. It gives them the perfect lie everytime they tee it up. You are not suppose to tee it up that much. Just enough to give you a perfect lie. Amateurs should benefit even more because many casual golfer do not have the correct shaft lean at impact so teeing up also allows them to use their swing even it it is a flip.cast and still get it on the sweet spot albeit they still arent compressing the ball like they could.
  5. I have not tried it but it looks handsy. I am no expert on it though. I really do not even know anything about it except he concentrates on the impact zone
  6. Well it depends. Obviously not as much as I would like lol. I hit a couple a round. It just feels effortless. For some reason it feels like I go into slow motion and just plow through the ball. I actually feel almost nothing except power. My favorite is a nice pured long iron. My normal 3 iron is like 225-235 with roll off the tee. Catching a flush 3 iron and rolling out to 250 is a nice feeling. When it is caught flush it doesnt curve to much for me. It turns into a pro looking trajectory with just a 5 yard draw.
  7. Yeah I am 16 so it would be a junior tournament. I picked one out at a really nice course about a month away. I have no clue about rules so I will try to learn some. I do have a divot repair tool I use and am usually i a good mood and dont get too frustrated. I just enjoy chasing birdies lol. Edit-Btw do juniors carry their bag or use a push cart? I use a clic gear 2.0 when I play but may need to start carrying to get used to it.
  8. I have been playing golf for about 6-8 months. I had played competitve baseball my whole life and had shoulder surgery. While rehabing I found golf and fell in love. Right now I cant get enough of it. I want to play in a tournament that is in a month but am nervous. Nobody in my family plays golf or any friends. Just me. I taught myself everything I know and am nervous about golf etiquette and rules. I have never played with any strangers before. I have only played by myself. I try to watch the Tours on tv to learn about rules and the way they handle themselves on the course. Do you have
  9. Well I started playing this game march of last year for a few months but had to take a break 3 months into it for a surgery. I am back now and started again about 2 months ago. I need some help on my swing http://www.swingacademy.com/videoPlayer.aspx?id=6156
  10. v1c70r

    Jerry Rice

    Well he can do what he wants to do. He doesn't have to worry about money so maybe he can get a good coach and make it on the champions tour.
  11. Its a good toss up here. I really like Jack although I likr Tiger too. I am going to say Tiger because he is such an athelete.
  12. High school student. I applied at 5 jobs but no one is hiring
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