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  1. A dozen of my new favorite ball, TopFlite Gamer V2. Some molded iron headcovers and a club brush.
  2. It's so annoying. I don't mind cheers or anything like that, but for some reason yelling at the ball to get in the hole is extremely grating. I would much rather hear someone yell out "good ball."
  3. Why not? Confidence adds a lot to your game. Something I just found out playing my dad's half-cavity backs (John Riley Repeaters). I bought the Nickent 3dx RC irons because they were supposed to be so much easier to hit and get in the air. After awhile I just couldn't get past how huge the clubhead is and how much I misalign due to the offset. I'll be playing the Repeaters until I find a new set, probably a similar style. I'm sure the technology is helpful but I just didn't like the way it looked/felt.
  4. +1 on Paddy making a good run. I'm thinking Tiger for this one, he knows he's long overdue. Phil will do very well this week, with The Masters barely over, he's on high. 2nd or 3rd
  5. There's no better public course around here in my opinion. So much fun and cheaper than the county courses, which blew my mind.
  6. lol. Maybe more "heavy" than constricting. Somehow I don't think I can pull off anything skin-tight. c:
  7. And I'm sure you haven't seen your fair share of people in slacks and polos who play slowly, are extremely rude, and don't repair divots, or are generally disrespectful? Please. If we're talking about personal experiences, those people I've played with wearing jeans are the most polite and easy going people on the course. Especially in stark contrast to the guy who plays the course 5 times a week who, judging by his attitude, hate that he is outside on such a nice day playing a round of golf. Who knows, maybe he is just noticing the fact my coworker plays in denim, and has some very serious
  8. Good for them. If I had been insulted by being refused service at a course for something so insignificant I wouldn't run and change to accomodate them. You've got to have standards. Hopefully they are based on attitude and common decency, and not weather your pants are made from denim.
  9. Even though you were responding to me (at least it appears that way since you quoted my post) you didn't actually give a reason jeans should not be allowed. Point 1 is insulting. Really, a bum? Why are you a bum if you are jeans just because someone near you is wearing slacks? That's as much a fallacy as the opposite. Your second just raises a question, "What is disrespectful about jeans to the game of golf?" And 3 is a question, and has nothing to do with jeans (though I have the same opinion about t-shirts, where I don't wear them because I personally don't find them comfortable, but o
  10. I agree. I've tried it and it's way too constricting. But to forbid people to golf in jeans is rediculous. It's completely unfounded and elitist.
  11. What difference does it make? Do slacks make you a better golfer? I can't believe there are people like you that are so stuck up that you would go and take it up with the manager. Who are you to look down upon other golfers? Please give a good reason jeans shouldn't be allowed . Seriously, I'm intrigued.
  12. all the public ones. Nicest would be Horse Thief in Tehachapi.
  13. I've always used interlocking because that's what my dad used, and he's the one who first helped me get into this sport. Now when I pick up a baseball bat I always want to grip it with and interlocking grip!! lol. Anyway, It's been suggested by a couple people that I try overlapping. I've never used it in a swing, but as I'm gripping a PW I have lying around right now, it just feels so akward. Maybe I'll try it out and give it a chance. When those other people told me to try overlapping, I never asked why because I had no intention of trying it. Does anyone know a common reason someone w
  14. Oooh, I never thought about that. I'm definitely trying that next time.
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