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  1. Every summer a buddy & I play in a 9 hole men’s league at the local muni. A few years ago the course started providing a full Buffett dinner after the round and you might be surprised at how many people stayed to partake, not only did the golfers stay but friends & family (our wives included) would come to enjoy the dinner as well. Hell, my wife would get there early to enjoy a couple cold beers while she waited on us to finish lol. Ultimately, they stopped doing it because they just didn’t charge enough for the Buffett and they were barely breaking even. If they had charged just $5 more, I believe they would’ve made money and almost nobody was going to skip it because of a slight price increase. I guess my point is that if you give people a good reason to hang around after their round, they will and they’ll spend more money.
  2. I’m in but it will most likely be the “par” challenge for me lol.
  3. When I’m in the middle of my almost inevitable stretch of holes where nothing works. Almost every time I play I will have “that” set of holes where I can’t get out of my own head after a terrible shot and I’ll ruin a decent round playing 3 holes in 6 or 7 over. Ugh.
  4. I don’t think you’re being unfair, perhaps it’s just tough for you to see breaking 90 as golf’s toughest barrier because you probably haven’t had to worry about that in decades lol. For me, breaking 90 on a consistent basis is something I strive for and fail at most times. Again, I think it’s all about who the book is marketed to. If the author had said 70 instead of 90, you would probably have more interest but the number of golfers who the book would apply to would be much smaller.
  5. I think it all depends on what type of golfer an individual is and who the book’s target market is. For the lower HC golfer, this book makes no sense but for somebody like me, who normally shoots in the low-mid 90s, the book might hold some interest for us. I remember reading an article years ago that the majority of average regular playing recreational golfers, struggle to break 100 on a consistent basis.
  6. I’d much rather see somebody take their time at the car and be ready when they get to the first tee. I think we all know the frustration of watching the group in front of you come hauling up to the first tee and only then begin to go thru their bag getting their tees, balls, glove, marker, etc together. It’s usually the same group that waits till they get on the tee box to start stretching & warming up.
  7. My wife has zero desire to golf but sometimes, I wish she would. We enjoy spending a lot of time together and she’d be fun to golf with.
  8. It’s not always easy to tough it out during Florida winter golf.
  9. Definitely something I’d be interested in, depending on where, when & cost of course. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with several TST members, good guys all.
  10. Something I’ll never get to play in lol.
  11. 83 at Ocala National. Started with 5 consecutive pars.
  12. My home course is Ocala Golf Club and I’d give it a 2.5. It’s either the oldest or second oldest course in Florida, depending on who you ask. As a Muni that’s been carved out of the surrounding neighborhood, there aren’t any good views and the holes are pretty basic but they keep it in generally, great condition. Greens are always in very nice shape and the fairways & bunkers are well maintained.
  13. I believe it would be worth the money to play Pebble. My only qualifier would be that I would like to play it with my son so I’d probably have to double the cost lol. Still, if I could make it work, I’d do it. Walking the fairways of Pebble with my son would absolutely be worth the cost.
  14. I voted for mid/long irons because that’s that’s the worst part of my game. I am sooooo tired of double bogeys from the fairway because of yet another horrible approach shot.
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