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  1. I believe it would be worth the money to play Pebble. My only qualifier would be that I would like to play it with my son so I’d probably have to double the cost lol. Still, if I could make it work, I’d do it. Walking the fairways of Pebble with my son would absolutely be worth the cost.
  2. I voted for mid/long irons because that’s that’s the worst part of my game. I am sooooo tired of double bogeys from the fairway because of yet another horrible approach shot.
  3. I think that’s the thing that bugs me most. Slow all the way thru the hole and than blast off the tee as they see our group approaching lol.
  4. I live in Ocala so Juliette Falls is pretty close and I love playing that course, it’s definitely a good test and it’s always beautiful. As for Stone Creek and Ocala National, they are two of my favorite courses. Two totally different courses and both fun to play. If anybody is in the Ocala area, I would also recommend the Ocala Golf Club. I would consider it my home course and while it’s a muni and gets a ton of play, they keep it in really good shape and it’s a fun track.
  5. Our summer league does this once every season, not a big fan.
  6. When it’s my every weekend group I do, we all do. None of us keep a handicap, we never play for money and we all play the same way. My normal group is my grown son and a good friend of ours, we’re out there to have some fun. Now, Two of us do play in a 2 man scramble league in the summer and we abide by the rules set up by the committee.
  7. I love playing the Waldorf course. Always in great shape and the service is awesome.
  8. ^^^^this. A bit off topic but the biggest problem I see when it comes to pace of play isn’t the golfers but the Starters & rangers.
  9. Nope. The twosome left those guys behind. They were three twenty somethings who you could just tell, were out there to mess around and they would make sure to tee off just before we got to the box. I don't think they knew anything about etiquette. 2:20 seems like an eternity to us lol. We always try to get one of the first tee times specifically because we tend to play fast and I’ve found that most people who go out that early also tend to move along pretty quickly.
  10. My son and I played a public course a couple weeks ago and we ran into this. A group of 5 had the tee time right before ours, the starter told them they couldn’t play as a 5 so 2 guys teed off and the starter had the threesome tee off behind them which bothered me a bit because that was our tee time and I didn’t see why they should get our time simply because they brought too many players. Especially considering how the threesome played. It was pretty obvious that they didn’t play much golf, 20 yd drives, 5 putts, multiple balls OB and if they didn’t like their shot, they would drop another ball and hit again, plus they would not let us play thru. Thankfully, they all decided to grab some food at the turn so we went straight to #10 and teed off. front 9: 2:20 back 9: 1:30.
  11. With the exception of my summer 9 hole league, I will always, always play 18. Playing ha.f the course and then packing up just seems wrong lol.
  12. jetsknicks1

    Torn Bicep

    I had a 95% bicep tear in December 2018 and I’m not gonna lie, it was no fun lol. It was 3 months before I felt good enough to swing at all (against doctors orders) but I started out really slow. I would toss a wedge and a putter in my son’s bag and would chip & putt a bit, no full swings just short chips around the green. I did that for about two months, slowly taking more full wedge shots and then moving further out. All in all it took 5 months before I felt comfortable enough to resume regular playing. Unsolicited advice: Do your rehab, and if you feel something uncomfortable while your working your way back, Stop! A slight twinge early Can become painful later.
  13. For me it’s more of an aesthetic thing. I like the manicured look of a golf course with its mown fairways, nice sand bunkers, water holes and so on. I also like looking around and seeing everybody in golf attire so when I see somebody showing up in jeans and a tee shirt, it does take away a bit of the enjoyment for me. I won’t leave a course because of it and I understand that there are exceptions. I play in a Thursday 9 hole league during the summer, we tee off at 5:30 so some guys show up straight from work and I get that they may not have time to change so that doesn’t really bother me.
  14. Considering that probably 95% of golfers dress that way, it’s not saying much that the rude golfers you’ve run into were dressed in golf attire.
  15. White after Labor Day!? You sir, are bold. Lol
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