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  1. I don’t think it would slow anybody down. I had to have arm surgery last winter and couldn’t take a full swing for almost 5 months but I would do the same thing. I’d go out with my usual group and would chip and putt when they got near the green. We never held anybody up and we never had any complaints.
  2. I play in a 9 hole league every Thursday and I can’t stand when it’s called because of rain. What bothers me most is even if it’s only a light rain, people will walk straight to the car and leave before it officially been called. It’s florida so in a lot of cases, if they had just waited 20 minutes, we could’ve played but since they left, the whole day had to be cancelled.
  3. Eh, I don’t mind the shorts.
  4. I’m totally expecting to get rejected, yet again but I do know who I will take if I win. I’ve already talked with my son’s wife about it and if I ever get in, I’m just going to tell himto get in the car and I’ll drive to Augusta. His wife would already have a packed bag in the trunk for him.
  5. Disgusted seems a bit strong. If I ever get one I will definitely hook up my playing partners with lunch and drinks but I’m not going to drop a few hundred dollars on drinks for a roomful of people just because they think I hav to.
  6. Totally agree. I love The Masters and in terms of my favorite tournament to watch, I’d say it’s tied with The Open Championship but the “reverence”, hushed tones and the almost spiritual way the announcers talk about the course is just way over the top.
  7. I can play again! Last November I tore a bicep tendon (didn’t realize it at the time). I tried to play a couple days after it happened, I hit an iron on the 2nd hole and hit the ground like I was shot lol. Like most guys I told myself it would get better if I left it alone but of course it didn’t. Fast forward to the third week of December when I finally had it diagnosed and had surgery to reattach the tendon. Well, Sunday will be my first full 18 in four months! I’ve been out there messing around with the wedge and putter and two weeks ago I (played) 18 but I moved the ball out of any heavy rough and bunkers. I have my last visit with the surgeon today and my first official round on Sunday. I’m sure it won’t be pretty and you know what? I don’t care! I get a day on the course with my son and that’s what matters.
  8. Water everywhere too. Very tough course but I did finish par, birdie, par one time lol.
  9. Wow, I’ve always been really happy about my 5 straight pars to start a round until I read some of thes posts lol. I shot my career low of 83 that day so ther were obviously a few double bogies in there as well.
  10. Early 90’s I was a warehouse worker looking to move up. I noticed all the guys who had the jobs I wanted had two thing in common, they all had college degrees and they all golfed so I enrolled at the community college and started hitting the little whiffle balls in my yard with the one very old iron I found in my garage. One day my boss saw me hitting the whiffle balls while on lunch, he brought me in an old set of clubs and we started hitting the range. I’ve been hooked ever since.
  11. I gotta admit, watching him go ballistic in the bunker was some funny shite but never damage a green. When I first started playing, I damaged a green after missing a short putt. I swung my putter at the ball, missed and took a chunk out of the green. My playing partner, who was the guy to get me into golf and was also my boss at the time, dressed me up and down in the cart for my actions. Never did that again.
  12. I’m a mudder, doesn’t bother me at all to play it wet conditions.
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