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  1. Early 90’s I was a warehouse worker looking to move up. I noticed all the guys who had the jobs I wanted had two thing in common, they all had college degrees and they all golfed so I enrolled at the community college and started hitting the little whiffle balls in my yard with the one very old iron I found in my garage. One day my boss saw me hitting the whiffle balls while on lunch, he brought me in an old set of clubs and we started hitting the range. I’ve been hooked ever since.
  2. I gotta admit, watching him go ballistic in the bunker was some funny shite but never damage a green. When I first started playing, I damaged a green after missing a short putt. I swung my putter at the ball, missed and took a chunk out of the green. My playing partner, who was the guy to get me into golf and was also my boss at the time, dressed me up and down in the cart for my actions. Never did that again.
  3. I’m a mudder, doesn’t bother me at all to play it wet conditions.
  4. Legends Country Club in Clermont Florida. Was a Jack Nicklaus design that was unique because of the elevation changes, which is something you don’t see much of here. happend to go there with a couple buddies earlier in the year. We thought it was weird that the clubhouse had absolutely nothing to sell and that’s when the pro told us that the course was closing the very next day.
  5. Sorry but the residents sound like whiners. I imagine they did not buy their houses without going into the backyard and seeing a golf course there.
  6. Thanks guys. Still pisses me off that he beats me most of the time lol.
  7. Time with my adult son. We didn’t get along, at all, for a long time and it was golf that brought us back together. We play together almost every weekend now.
  8. Sorry but I don’t think that makes any sense at all. I can’t tee off until my playing partner’s ball comes to rest. I mean, you’re supposed to watch your partner’s ball anyway, right? If there’s a wayward shot, it’s much better to have 4 sets of eyes on it, instead of having to search for it. Your example only holds water if I wait for my partner to finish the hole (eating his whole slice of pizza) before I tee off. me saying “Good shot” or “It landed by that pine tree” does not slow down the round.
  9. How does people commenting right after a ball is hit slow the round down?
  10. I would never play from the tips, I’m not good enough and it wouldn’t be any fun at all. I have seen far too many guys playing from the tips, who have no business being back there. is there anything more frustrating than being stuck behind a slow group and watching them hit 180yd duck hooks & slices from the back tees?
  11. That’s what I was looking for :-). I don’t play in many competitive events but I’ll be sure to mark just the score when I do, moving forward.
  12. I disagree that it makes it tougher to read because it’s pretty self explanatory when you see the card. I was just wondering if there’s an actual rule against marking the card the way I do?
  13. That was my thought. I’ve never had anybody on the committee say anything about it. It’s just the way I’ve always done it, don’t know why. The score comes out the same either way.
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