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  1. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    Lol, it actually wasn’t the 19th hole. I went thru the pro shop, buying everything in sight.
  2. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    About $170 at Ballybunion a couple years ago, not including rental clubs and the caddie. The course was worth every penny. The caddie, not so much. Plus I probably spent $200 in the clubhouse.
  3. Too many commercials and too many putts. I’d rather see half as many putts and twice as many tee/approach shots.
  4. Dealing with slow play

    Amen! My normal group is always the first or second group to tee off, this also has the added benefit of having most of the day open ahead of me. Also make sure to research the course your playing. My buddy and I played a few weeks ago at a course made up of four 9hole courses. We played the first 9 in 1hr 15mins, then made the turn to find a line of groups waiting to start their round. The starter said we couldn’t make the turn until all the morning tee times went off. We sat in the cart for 45mins before we could finally hit. Ugh!
  5. Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    I voted B. I’m generally okay coming off the tee but my miss on the approach shots tends to be a flyer, out to the right. I would feel much better knowing that even when I come up short, it’s in front of the green and not 30 yards to the right.
  6. 3 Wood Usage

    I love my 3W. I tee off with it almost every hole because I’m way too inconsistent with a driver. If I need a “fairway wood” though, my go to club is the 4H.
  7. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    Right at $1500. Not too bad compared to some others here lol.
  8. Etiquette

    Lmao. You should definelty bring her golfing the next time you’re down here.
  9. Central FL Meet Ups

    Sorry JS but I need to be back at work on the 2nd. I've got the whole week between Christmas & New Year off though, if you're going to be around.
  10. Central FL Meet Ups

    Awesome. As of right now, I'm in. I'll confirm 100% by the end of the week.
  11. How long is your golf commute?

    I can walk to the end of my block and see my home course.
  12. Central FL Meet Ups

    I'm in! That stinks buddy, sorry to see you go.
  13. My next big trip won't be until 2019. It's not a "golf" trip tho, we'll be heading back to Europe for my wife's 50th bday but I will absolutely be playing golf. Right now I'm thinking either St. Andrews but if that fails, I'll play in Switzerland.
  14. Driving Range Etiquette

    I gotta disagree with this. I mean you're on the range, it's not like you're on the tee box getting ready to play. If I'm on the range with a buddy and we're hitting next to each other, we're gonna talk. The range is a much more casual situation, I don't see how two people having a conversation would interfere with anybody else on the range.
  15. Orlando, Florida

    That really sucks buddy. I hope you guys are able to stay down here.

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