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  1. Lol. I’ve had a few injuries in my time but that one hurt the most.
  2. Crushed big toe after getting it run over by a forklift. 90% tear of my bicep tendon loading a mattress into the back of a pick up.
  3. I received my annual “No chance” email yesterday. Well, on to 2022!
  4. What drives me nuts? People who use a lot of exclamation points.
  5. I have several awesome pink shirts 👍.
  6. I work in Palatka twice a month and never even knew there was a course there lol. It looks pretty nice, I’ll have to check it out.
  7. Within 20-30 miles, in no order. All are public courses. Ocala Golf Club. A muni and my home course. There’s an argument about whether it’s the oldest or second oldest course in the state. Stone Creek Country Club. Silver Springs Shores Country Club. Zack Johnson holds the tournament record (Hooter’s Tour) and Ted Potter Jr holds the non tournament record. Candler Hills Country Club. Ocala National Country Club.
  8. I’m not sure how much of a barrier it actually is. If somebody is interested in playing, it’s easy to find out if there’s a dress code and you can get inexpensive golf clothes anywhere, all my stuff come from Beale’s Outlet lol. Overall, I like a basic dress code but it’s no big deal. I play in a Thursday league and we get all manner of dress with most of us coming straight from work. Keep pace and take care of the course. 👍
  9. I knew I could count on you, Dave! 🍻. We’re lookin at playing on Saturday the 20th and the pricing isn’t too bad, $70 if I book it now.
  10. Looking to take my son someplace different for his birthday and I’m thinking LPGA International. Anybody played it? Any suggestions on which of the two courses are better? I played there once about 20 years ago and don’t really remember that much about it so any updated info/opinions are appreciated.
  11. This brings up an interesting question regarding etiquette. Is it better to use just one hole or move around the green and use multiple holes? I gotta admit, it bugs me a bit when somebody “takes over” one hole. I like to move around the green to check different slopes but sometimes there’s holes I can’t putt to because somebody has camped out there. Just curious.
  12. There’s a course in town that we absolutely love to play because it’s always in such good shape but if they start us on #10, we just hang our heads because we know the back 9 will be incredibly slow due to the course giving groups with a tee time on #1 priority over groups making the turn. One time out I shot a 40 on the our front 9 (starting from #10), in the groove, feeling good, only to make the turn and see thee foursomes waiting to tee off on #1. Waited 30 minutes to resume our round and by then, my mojo was gone. 🤯
  13. Plenty of courses here still open and you can find some awesome deals. Playing Shingle Creek tomorrow morning for $39, normal rate for this time of year is $139.
  14. Surprisingly, the local Muni which is my home course, is reopening tomorrow for “limited play”, after being closed for 3 weeks. I’m really surprised they are reopening and there will be strict restrictions in place. Rounds must be paid for online, all access to the clubhouse, bar & restrooms will be locked. Give your name to the starter and he’ll point you to a pre sanitized cart (1 per cart) and of course, don’t touch the flag, swim noddle in the cup, no water, ball washers or rakes. My buddy and I have the first tee time of the day.
  15. So glad they’re keeping the courses open, I would absolutely lose my friggin mind if I had to stay in the house every single day. I mean, I can only rake the yard so many times lol. Played Arlington Ridge yesterday and fortunately, I have an awesome wife who told me I HAVE to play at least once a week because she knows there’s no way I can just sit around the house forever.
  16. Pitching wedge, always the pitching wedge. I can’t even begin to count how many extra shots that satan possessed club has cost me.
  17. What’s strange is disliking people you’ve never met, simply because they come from someplace else. As to the OP, kinda tough to beat Florida when it comes to year round golf.
  18. Played Arlington Ridge in Leesburg this morning. They weren’t accepting cash, had removed all on course water and rakes. Nobody was allowed to pull the pin and they had swim noodles in the cups so you didn’t have to reach in. They also has everybody sign a waiver before you could play. The course was busy but everybody did a good job of staying separated.
  19. My home course just closed 🤯. Was hoping to get in one more round tomorrow before everything got shut down but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now.
  20. Love standing on the tee waiting for it to be bright enough to start and knowing the whole course in front of us is empty. Hate being told to start on #10, making the turn and seeing three 4somes waiting to start their round.
  21. I love the time I get to spend with my son on the course. I hate the almost inevitable 3 or 4 hole stretch where my game totally disappears and I just can’t hit anything.
  22. If I end up signing this in my head the rest of the day, I’m coming for you.
  23. Shoot To Thrill is one of my favorites by those guys. I think T.N.T. Would be another good one.
  24. Agreed. Outside of TopFlights, we call the TopRocks, I don’t think it makes any real difference for me. I usually play either Pinnacle or Calloway, simply because they are a decent price.
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