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  1. Pulled pork BBQ Baked beans Collard greens Jalapeno cheese grits Sweet tea Peach cobbler w/ vanilla ice cream
  2. I have 9 courses within a 30 min drive of home that range in price from $25 to $40.
  3. Putting, short game, ball striking. But I think the biggest thing that separates the pros from the rest of the good/great players is the mental ability to be able to hit the shot they want with 500 people down each side of the fairway, another 1000 people around the green, and a camera crew standing 30 ft behind them broadcasting their shot all over the world. Not to mention the nerves it takes to stand over a putt that could move you up or down the leader board several places.
  4. I play 27 more often than not. 99% of the time we play during the week so most of the time the course is not too busy. Most courses give a big discount for a 9 hole replay also. Most of the time we will do something different on the last nine just to mix it up a little. We will play irons only, odd numbered clubs only, or do teams and play foursomes or 4 ball. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Someone waiting from 300 yds out on a par 5 for the green to clear when they just hit a 200 yd drive. Slow groups not letting faster groups play through.
  6. Depends on what I am doing at the time and what I am eating with it. My favorites are Yuengling, Miller Lite, Dos Equis, Sam Adam's Summer Ale, Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat. Also like a couple of local micro brews, Smoky Mountain Cherokee Red Ale, and Depot Street Loose Caboose Lager.
  7. I have ordered from them twice, and had no problems at all either time. Good prices and fast shipping. I will probably order from them again when I need new grips.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Will check out the ones mentioned and make some t times at a couple of them.
  9. I am going on a family trip to MB in April, and am looking for some suggestions. Will probably only get to play a couple of days while there and am looking for courses in the North Myrtle, Cherry Grove, Little River, Calabash areas. It will be myself and my dad playing and looking for courses that are nice, but not too expensive. It has been several years since I played at Myrtle and the last time I played Heather Glen and Possum Trot. They were OK, but looking for something different. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Lower your handicap at least five stokes in one year Be the last to complete play at dusk, playing the last hole in near dark Hole out from the bunker Go on a week-long golf orgy with the guys Hole a full shot from the fairway or rough Four-putt a green in a tournament Reach a par five in two Par every hole at your home course in one year Play a round on two different courses in one day Play 18 holes by yourself Try teaching a spouse, child or friend to play Read the Rules of Golf Call a Rules violation on yourself Have your swing videotaped Play
  11. Thanks for the info. Didnt think about the lighter weight and it didnt feel like I was swinging them that much faster, but maybe I was.
  12. Went to a local demo day today and hit several new irons. Tried the Adams Black CB2's and loved them. The feel is great and I was hitting them very good. The Adams rep put me through a fitting and recommended 1* flat and the KBS Tour 90 shafts in stiff flex. I have always played reg flex in my irons, currently have Titleist 775's with the NS Pro 100's (Nipppon shaft) in reg flex and also Titleist AP2's with Project X 5.0's. Will be trading the AP2's in on the CB2's. When I questioned him about the stiff flex, he said that because the KBS are so much lighter I can hit the stiffs. Anyo
  13. I replaced my 3 and 4 irons with hybrids. The hybrids are so much easier to hit, they fly high and land soft. They are great for long approach shots, par 3's, laying up on par 5's, heck I even use them for bump and run shots around the green.
  14. Thanks for the info. Will check out the course mentioned.
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