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  1. Just looking for a nice way to make my ball that does not distract the eye.
  2. Is anyone out there hitting a 2H?? I thinking about looking into one because I can hit my 3H and 4H so well but have trouble with the 3W and 5W?? Any thoughts??
  3. Thanks, thats not the answer I was hoping for but thats okay just means I either need to learn to hit it without the draw or buy some new sticks
  4. I bag a 3 wood+ 13*. I feel I am the opposite of everyone else. I can really get a good hit off the deck but off the tee I cant find the right position. I did take the 5 wood out and bad a 3 Hybrid at 19*
  5. Dumb question I think. My 3 and 4 hybrid irons (Adams Tech OS) are set up for draw. Is there a way to reshaft the club and make them square or normal??
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